• It's not management, but rather promoters or lack there of, willing to come forward. Glenn isn't going to sign-on to
    'hair band' or 'nostalgia' packages, which is more or less, the kind of things that come up every so often in the States.

    The gigs he does play are done on his own dime, so although it's a real bummer not to have him over here very often, he at least does what he can, to get out here to play for us.

    Hopefully the music scene will get back to something that is more viable, but until it does, it's more of the same, I'm afraid.

  • The problem is that he always says there is gonna be dates and then nothing. Dont say it if you know in your heart that it aint gonna happen. Dont get our hopes up to once again be disappointed(unless you live in NY or LA). I'm sorry but Glenn knows alot of famous people and bands. Maybe he should put his pride to the side and think about opening up for a band. The only way he is gonna get known in the states is by touring. Once again I'm sorry but all we hear is excuses why he can't. Maybe he needs to approach it from a different angle. He can play all these far away places but cant play in his backyard.

  • He can play all these far away places but cant play in his backyard.

    Yes, but a promoter is paying him to play in these far away places, that's the difference. His desire is to play as many places Stateside as possible, but as I said earlier, currently it's not possible. Perhaps a few other dates will appear here sometime during the coming year and we'll certainly let you know if that's the case. Meantime, keep the faith :thumbup:

    As someone who lives in America, you have to remember, there was a good 10 year stretch, after his return to the scene in the '90s, with nothing really at all to speak of Stateside. Since then, he's played at least somewhere this side of the pond, almost every year since. Granted, not a 20 date tour, but the few that have taken place, have been more than welcome :cool:

    His time will come and as American Glenn Hughes fans well know, patience comes to those who wait :cool:

    Besides, you think we have it bad, talk to an Australian, they're only now getting their fill of the F U N K :)

  • theo stix im afraid david is right about this -i think when glenn mentions places its because hes been contacted but then cant get an agreement signed -most of the americans on here that have seen him had to come to him not the other way around -(i tried it twice myself only to be kicked in the face at the last second both times)-i already know i cant this time around or id be trying it again-atleast i got to see him play three songs here - best bass playing and singing ive ever seen-ill get to see him again somehow someway

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