• Reading Glenn's updates about all these songs he's been writing, I can't help but think how cool it would be if, for his next release, he put out a double-album! :eek: Maybe one disc would be more funk and the other more soulful? Maybe one could be funk/soul, and the other more pop/rock? As prolific as he is, and as smitten as we all are with the music he releases, for a bunch of songs to be written and then put away to gather dust would be a real shame.



  • Definitely the two styles that I think are his best:

    Funk and Soul, but I would LOVE to have more Fused stuff thrown in. I know alot of people weren't thrilled with G's style there, but I absolutely loved it !!

    By the way, looks like G's sporting a funky new hairdo , LOVE it !!

    Carolyn G :cool:

  • I'm sure whatever he conjures up will be great. He has continually put out quality material throughout his whole career. Next month in NYC can't come soon enough, I'm looking forward to seeing him live once again :bow:

  • I also wouldn't mind a double album - just want it to see the light of day in some form.

    Would be good if it showcased all of the styles that Glenn is master of.

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