Official & Confirmed Tour Dates - The final word!

  • Only when a Glenn Hughes concert/appearance is officially announced on, can you take it as being 100% confirmed.

    Some venues recently have been announcing dates that were/are just tentative/pencilled-in/speculative dates. If the venues choose to announce the date, advertise it or - worse still - put it on sale BEFORE it is announced on, then please be aware that they are doing so without approval, authorisation or confirmation. This doesn't mean that the date won't happen; it's just that until you see it posted here, then it is not absolutely confirmed and could be liable to change.

    Always check the GH official website, specifically; the Tour page, Fan Forum and Newsfeed. You will also find 100% confirmed dates on the ever-growing list of external and officially sanctioned networking sites. So, if you are unsure about any Glenn dates you may have heard about or seen on a venue/festival website, those pages and are the places to go get things confirmed!

    Separately.....a European tour, including UK dates, is being planned for Sept/Oct 09 and when the tour is organised and confirmed, we will have the details on the official website(s).

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