• Yes Glenn I do agree it was very painful. Those youngsters were tryin to keep up with Stevie and couldn't cut it. Now if Glenn was up there with Stevie that would have been magic. But instead they'd rather get pukes like Justin Wimpyvoice up there to try and sing. And what the hell was with the sound all night. The vocal mic's sounded like they were in a big hall 20 miles away. I can't believe even the Grammy's can't get live sound correct. We need real bands at the Grammy's not a bunch of people that are studio produced. Here imagine this...

    Glenn Hughes opens with a BANG !! than
    Whitesnake than
    Deep Purple MkIII

    OH WHAT A DREAM :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • Here imagine this...
    Glenn Hughes opens with a BANG !!

    How about...........
    Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale walk out together,
    looking as if they own the building, and duet on "Burn."
    And then blow the roof off.

    It would be good publicity for their new, collaborative album:
    "This is how it's done!"

    And before anybody posts "Glenn should only look forward;
    not backwards, blah, blah........."

    Glenn has pretty much already worked with anybody who's anybody.
    That only leaves 15 year-old kids who just picked up a guitar or a set
    of drumsticks last month, for him to work with, to qualify as "looking forward."
    The next time that GH goes into a recording studio for the upcoming CD,
    will it be considered going backwards if Chad Smith is on drums,
    Jeff Kolman, or JJ Marsh is on guitars? Ed Roth on keyboards?
    Another CD with Dario Mollo, Tony Iommi, or for that matter,
    Joe Lynn Turner, or John Norum?

    So how come an album with 'ole Dave is the only one "looking backwards?"
    There are an awful lot of us (too timid to speak up)
    who consider Glenn and DC to be "the classic DP line-up."
    These guys worked so well together, when they were only 5 years old, :hi5:
    just think what they could come up with....NOW.

    And I would hope that my 2 favorite "Purple Boys" could come up with a new song
    for this CD, where the word - wonder - could be finagled into the song's lyrics,
    and let's see if Mr. Gillan would be smart enough to figure it out.


  • I don't think Mr. Coverdale has the 'pipes' for it anymore....

    We know what you're talking about, chutsler, but........
    I've got a video of a Whitesnake performance, from a while back.
    Yep, there's 'ole Dave trying to scream his brains out, as in days of yore.
    Of course, everybody in the band is singing along with him,
    trying to cover up the fact that DC simply can't hit the high notes anymore.

    In the middle of this mayhem........a capella........Dave sings "Soldier of Fortune."

    Then, he goes back into screaming the Whitesnake songbook.
    Couldn't somebody convince DC to "adjust" the sound / lower the decibels?
    I'm sure that something brilliant could be worked out.


  • Hmmm...I had a bit of a different perspective on it. I watched that night with my daughters who are 4 and 7 years old, and they are HUGE Jonas Brothers fans...I looked at my wife during the performance and wondered aloud as to whether the JB's had any idea how lucky they were to be performing on stage with Stevie, and as to whether or not they even knew who he was prior to this...maybe they did, maybe they didn't.

    But the whole thing DID give me the opportunity to discuss Stevie in length with my 7 year old, and get her to try even harder to learn songs on her keyboard she got for Christmas by "feel" instead of sight...she's really getting into it now...

    It was similar to us getting Guitar opened up a whole new world of music for her, and now she loves a lot of the same songs I do because of it....and as a side effect, my 4 year old can now sing all the words to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" while we

    Anyway, I like how the whole thing bridged the gap for us...

    Now, if we can only get Glenn to do a duet with Hanna Banana...hmmmm...

  • Since I do not watch Awards shows, especially the Grammy's, I missed the segment. Then, last night I saw it on "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler. She had quite a take on it, and it was really comical. She noted that McCratney got Grohl, etc., but they must have just handed Stevie the short straw. "had Stevie seen them playing he would have poked his eyes out right then" was the quote. If you can find the clip it was quite funny.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • That clip with them singing( I use that term very loosely) was
    very, very painful to watch. There are way too many Disney brats
    out there like them & Miley Cyrus :eek: who have very little talent but
    are so hyped up much like the American Idol crap we have to
    suffer through each year now. There just aren't many good young talented artists like back in the 70's or even the 80's.
    Just my opinion :confused:
    I would love to hear Glenn do an album of classics like Stevie
    and other soul,funk & pop that he loves :cool:
    Take care everyone & have a great weekend.
    Galleyfan :)

  • I would love to hear Glenn do an album of classics
    like Stevie and other soul,funk & pop that he loves

    Cripes, galleyfan, most of us would buy the DVD of Glenn
    and Stevie Wonder sitting around in Glenn's back yard,
    just talking about music. Or maybe someday there'll be
    a "tweet-video" of a GH/SW conversation on the Home Page......:)

    As they say on the TV commercial for the New York State Lottery:
    "Hey, you never know."


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