what is your favourite glenn's live songs?

  • hi~everyone~ :)

    i love glenns 1993 & 1994 tour...:D

    and what is your favourite glenn's live songs?

    here are mine in no particular order...;)

    A Right To Live (1993 live)

    Burn (1993 & 1994 live)

    Smoke On The Water (1993 live and live with brazilian group 1994-07-29)

    I Got Your Number (1993 live)

    Superstition (1993 live)

    Coast To Coast (1994 & 1995 & 2001 & 2004 soulfully live )

    You Keep On Moving (1994 & 1997 tommy bolin tribute live & 2005 slavi show)

    Georgia on My Mind (1976 & 1993 live)

    From Now On (1994 live)

    You Are the Music (1992 & 1994 & 1995 live)

    Way Back to the Bone (1992 & 1994 & 1995 live)

    First Step Of Love (1982 Hughes / Thrall live)

    Cant Stop The Flood (2002 htp live in japan & 2003 freak flag flyin' & 2004 soulfully live)

    Stormbringer (2003 live with rata blanca)

    and many more...:D

  • I don't have all the years in front of me, but here are a few fave live versions of Glenn's songs...

    Gettin' Tighter, from the Freak Flag Flying live CD.

    Grace, from the Shape 68 live performance.

    Burn, from the Made in Europe live CD, for the smokin' bass!

    Mistreated, from the Rata Blanca live DVD.

    Coast to Coast, from the R.O.C.K. bonus disc, live in S. America.

    Dreamer, from the 1997 Tommy Bolin tribute show.

    Whiter Shade of Pale, from the Boys Club Live CD.

    Can't Stop the Flood, from the Soulfully Live CD/DVD.

    There are so many great performances, though. Each time I've seen Glenn perform live I think I've walked away thinking I must have just heard the best live version of something that he sang that night. So many wonderful moments have made live albums, but so many others have ended up being "of the moment", and not captured for posterity except in the mind's eye.


  • The Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, New Jersey, March, 2001.
    The first time that I saw / heard Glenn Hughes.

    He put down his bass guitar, held onto the mike,
    closed his eyes, (pretty much blocking out everything else)
    and sang another impromptu ending of: "You Keep On Moving."

    Kindly notice,
    that there are no words to describe this ----->



  • Coast to Coast, from the R.O.C.K. bonus disc, live in S. America.

    I agree wholeheartedly Todd, this is one of the best, if not the best, renditions of CTC that I've heard. Love how they break into the funk ("I'll be missin' you...") and Hans just completely nails it too :cool: :thumbup:

  • My favorite live song was when he looked at me in New Jersey and said, Roger, this is for you, and sang Coast to Coast...and throughout the song I immediately in my mind went back to '76, driving my GTO slowly down the beach in Surfside, TX, with my Craig Powerplay cranking out my favorite song, "Coast to Coast" by my very favorite rock star, the voice of my youth. I felt the wind and smelled the ocean and heard the waves and remembered that feeling that my whole life was ahead of me and it was already great, and now I'm watching him sing it, knowing he has a small inkling of what his music has meant to me....I felt that memory again and always will when I hear it. I guess that is my favorite GH live song. But all the rest are a close second :)

  • Oh Yeah, lightning bolt logo and round tuning dial, remember those well :D Greetings from a fellow former VW owner, Chip! Favorite Glenn song heard live- Muscle and Blood - early '83 - Reseda, California.

  • I've usually got the California Jam DVD in my kitchen undercounter radio/dvd unit, when I'm cooking; one of my faves is the harmonies on the final verse of Smoke on the Water.

  • I'd love to hear more obscure songs live - there are so many great songs that Glenn has done in his solo career and with various projects. What about "Still Evergreen" by Voodoo Hill for instance?

  • Actually what I'd encourage is for Glenn to add either one of these songs to the setlist when he's playing: " Catch the Rainbow" or "Rainbow Eyes". It'd be a nice tribute to Ronnie and Glenn would kill those songs live.

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