• big deep purple fan, stumbled on this site looking for info on the book improvising rock guitar. i got one for christmas without a record. hope i can come up with enough postings to listen to the audio file on this site :huh:

  • welcome to the site jeff. i'm glad that you found us, as we always welcome another one of Glenn's fans with open arms and hearts.look around the site. plenty of good stuff about all things Glenn related here. we always love Glenn here and as of lately are throwing some stinky rotten pieces of eggs at Ian Gillan (although we love him like a brother too-you can't choose who's in your family you know) ;)

  • hope i can come up with enough postings
    to listen to the audio file on this site.

    Jeff ~
    Just "thank" each one of us individually for welcoming you to this web site,
    and you'll be half way there. Heh, heh, heh.

    (Just don't let our beloved web site administrator ~ David "Search is your friend" Harrison ~
    know what you're up to.) :eek:



  • Hi Grace, Just wanted to "Thank you" for your reply.I have a pretty good collection of obscure things,so hopefully i can contribute something or another. Thanks, Jeff

  • Chip, Thanks for your reply.I'm looking through my collection of just about everything to find something to contribute,but I'm still checking out this site to make sure I have something new Thanks, Jeff

  • Bart, Thanks for the welcome,love the icon band,awsome! trying to find something good to add to the site. Thanks, Jeff Zych

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