• Hi all,

    At last i've entered the community of GH lovers, so please accept my warm welcome from Liverpool.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn this year when he returned to my home town, and what a return it was. I was present at the '76 gig at the Liverpool Empire where Deep Purple imploded, Tommy Bolin was wasted and the rest of the band just looked knackered. The rest is history and we lost Tommy to drugs...I WAS ANGRY...My band had failed to deliver and i never forgave them, but hey i was 17 then.

    Enter Mr Hughes, The Academy, 7 June 2008, BAM, he was back. He exorcised the ghosts and talked about his love for Liverpool and force fed me a ton of funk. It was just what the doctor ordered. Album after album we get an insight to his state of mind and he rarely fails to deliver. His gigs are an outpouring of every emotion and we are right there with him, it's an honour to be part of it. So here i am, a newbie to the site, treat me gently and tell me what i've missed...

    Colin, 49 and rising... :thumbup:

  • Be sure to take a tour of the entire site and enjoy. This is one of the finest music communities anywhere with some very knowledgeable people. Of course any fan of Glenn recognizes great talent when he/she sees and hears it :cool:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hi Colin2059. 2059....that's the year you and I will celebrate out 100th birthdays :D

    Welcome to the site. Hope you stick around and participate in all the fun.



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