Most complete guitar players top list

  • Very very very stupid list again...and again...

    Envision Radio Networks’ Chop Shop Guitar Show has announced The Chop Shop’s Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time. Yes, yet another top list. You have every right to be sceptical, but this one at least makes an attempt of being quasi-objective.

    Each guitarist was ranked by a five member panel of “industry insider” experts in the following categories: technical ability, soul and emotion, influence on the music and guitar industries, song writing, live experience, sales, signature sound and longevity. There are 3 video clips on Chop Shop’s website trying to explain the rating process.

    Blackmore scored 72.61 points, which gave him a quite respectable place in top 20. Joe Satriani is at #24 with 69.71. Tommy Bolin and Steve Morse didn’t make to top 100. Other distant relatives of the family spotted on the list are Steve Vai (#7), Tony Iommi (#12), Yngwie Malmsteen (#55), Gary Moore (#62), Warren Haynes (#77-78), John Sykes (#89) and Vivian Campbell (#90).

    Here’s the top 20 (you can see top 100 here)

    • Jimmy Page 87.94
    • Jimi Hendrix 84.92
    • Eddie Van Halen 84.81
    • David Gilmour 82.72
    • Keith Richards 82.48
    • Pete Townshend 80.66
    • Steve Vai 79.74
    • Les Paul 78.61
    • Angus Young 78.56
    • Jeff Beck 77.77
    • Stevie Ray Vaughan 75.86
    • Tony Iommi 74.67
    • Eric Clapton 74.62
    • James Hetfield 73.62
    • Ritchie Blackmore 72.61
    • Slash 71.60
    • Frank Zappa 71.57
    • George Harrison 71.49
    • Randy Rhoads 70.89
    • Ted Nugent 70.83

    I'm glad Blackers even made to top 'something',but Tommy?!?!

    And Page is no_1?!
    Whatta !$!%$&%/((?
    When will they stop? :confused: :mad:

    Dance to the R'n'R!!!! :singer:

  • Well, the order of the Top 100 is baffling, and yes, Page as Number 1 is awful. How can he rate(or any of the others) above Les Paul ?? Since Les is there, then we need to include John McLaughlin and Herb Ellis and Al DiMeola in there. And Robin Trower and Frank Marino are way too low, especially when both Young's are in the Top 20.

    Of course all of these are very subjective as you say, and no two people will have the same Top Ten, even here. But this list at least names some good ones who rarely get even a sneeze in other polls and rankings.

    I wonder what the University of Texas football team has to say about polls these days ? :confused: :D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I have said this before...the REAL guitar giants....or GIANT on any instrument..are the performers who maake some kid in the audience or watching them on TV say;

    "I want to do that!!"

    It's someone like Wes Montgomery playing a show in the UK in 1965 or so, and a young kid in the crowd named Steve Howe is spellbound by his playing....or a young kid named Joe Lynn Turner who is sitting in the audience at Madison Square Garden watching Grand Funk... or practically ANY of the young white kids in the UK who filled the clubs to watch the blues masters like Muddy Waters perform to raptorous crowds....or to the millions of kids who saw that "Ludwig" logo front and center on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on that February night in 1964 when the Beatles made their TV debut....Ringo Starr was that man that all the kids wanted to be...

    The trailblazers..the players that led the way and influenced thousands to find their own inner voice....those are the ones who will ALWAYS be Number 1 on my list! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • That's what I'm tryin' to say!!!
    (sorry if I make some mistakes...I'm

    I grew up in middle class family on Balcan(Bosnia)...
    My father played guitar in 60's and 70's in local bands and best story he ever told me is that he went to army in '75 or something...
    He was in Purple-sound so much that when they heard 'You keep on moving' on the radio in army's cantina he said:That's Purple!!!
    And everbody else said:'No fucking way''
    And...he was right...
    First LP I heard was Stormbringer,and Come taste the band...Burn...than In Rock,...Japan...M.Head...etc...

    So thanx dad,Tommy,Blackers,Morse....

    I was in guitar/bass so much last 10 years....but now I'm driving my neighbors mad....
    Drums are the ultimate weapon...Paice...thank you....You are my hero! :lol:

    Dance to the R'n'R!!!! :singer:

  • This list shows again how ridiculous any attempt of that nature necessarily must be. Its basically a popularity mirror, nothing else. Beiside that, there is no gauge or measure to really compare guitarists which makes it even more senseless. Even I wouldnt have seen the list before writing this, I would have been sure that Keith Richards would be top ranked....hahahahahaha.
    Anyway, a good joke and a good laugh before Xmas ....LOL

    These kind of lists should be banned from this planet.....alongside with tons of ignorant and totally senseless "A vs B" guitarist videos in Utube....I hard to bear to read comments there anyway, so I try never to look at them when watching a vid....the official channels comments are not better too, they are the other extreme. Only praising and highly

    If anyone is interested in listening to a real good guitarist who makes excellent compositions, arrangements and catchy instrumental songs, without proving the world that he is the king of noodling, is Steve Stevens. His album "Memory Crash" is extraordinary, as well as his earlier one "Flamenco A Go Go" which just blows you away. Just a personal recommendation.

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas

  • Lots of kudos for Steve Stevens!!! Memory Crash as the mentioned Flamenco a Go-Go are two amazing albums, the playing of course! not doubt but the perfect mixing of styles, songwriting and production are something nobody who loves real guitar players should miss! simply inspirational! :bow::bow::bow:

  • top 10 in no particilar order:

    greg howe
    frank gambale
    steve morse
    steve howe
    steve vai
    john mclaughlin
    alan holdsworth
    ulrich roth
    stanley jordan

    up for discussion?

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