You Are The Music - Tour '94

  • Promotional Backgrounder used during 1994 reunion tour

    Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley and Dave Holland. The original awesome threesome Trapeze, who collectively and separately helped shape the progressive, heavy rock era in the early '70s are fired up and raring to go once more. Trapeze is coming back to their roots after 25 years and more than 100 gold and platinum albums between them to do an American tour. Many say they were ahead of their time, yet timeless. In 1994, the freshness of Trapeze's special brand of rock and funk promises to remind their fans that there is only one verdict: They're still the band!

    Trapeze originated in 1969, all natives of Wolverhampton in England's industrial Midlands, which provided an aggressive and energetic musical atmosphere. (From this same Midlands sprang The Moody Blues, half of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath). Trapeze released three superb albums. Orignally a five-piece, their self titled debut was produced by The Moody Blues' John Lodge on their newly established Threshold Records.

    Trapeze pared down to the high-energy trio of Mel Galley on guitar, Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals and Dave Holland on drums and released it's popular Medusa in 1971. One reviewer proclaimed Trapeze as "one of my biggest finds of the year. Three English lads have added a new dimension to the hardest of hard rock. Play it loud - it is in the raw power. If it doesn't knock you over, the volume isn't loud enough.

    Trapeze toured extensively in the United States with cuts Black Cloud and Medusa proving very popular with audiences. Yet, it was in the South that Trapeze became an immediate hit. Their success in the South was due in great part to the enthusiasm of Bill Hamm, their promotion agent. Hamm also happened to manage his own trio, ZZ Top, who played several gigs with Trapeze. Of their popularity in the South Dave Holland commented, "I don't know why. We just strike a chord with them."

    "When I think of Trapeze I think of a truly original band using the best of hard rock and a super funk musical approach," says Glenn Hughes of the early days in the group. Critic Chris Knab described Trapeze as "the first successful merging of black Soul and white Power Rock."

    Trapeze's consistent touring helped influence their most acclaimed album, You Are The Music...We're Just The Band. Produced by Neil Slaven, it was released in 1972, again on Threshold. While the band always maintained airplay, the New Musical Express' Book of Rock said that Trapeze was "one of the few bands to put some life back into the tired three-piece formula." Those couple of years on the road had an obvious impact on the band's success.

    By mid-1973, Trapeze was poised to enter the top bracket of British bands. However, one of the three upcoming stars, Glenn Hughes, got an offer he couldn't refuse from Deep Purple. Suddenly, the power trio Trapeze was no more.

    After a three year separation, Dave, Mel and Glenn reunited for a brief American tour headlining to crowds of more than 12,000. Remarkable for a band touring with no album, no single or any tour support. Yet, it would be the last time in more than 17 years that the 'original' Trapeze has toured in the United States.

    All the founding members of Trapeze have continued to keep their respective 'chops-up' and showcase their considerable talents over the last quarter century. Dave Holland remained in Trapeze until 1979 when he began an impressive 10-year stint with Judas Priest. Dave's tight, driving drums became the powerful beat on such Priest albums as British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance. Mel Galley did one last tour with Trapeze in 1981 before teaming up with Whitesnake. Mel's innovative, dynamic guitar is a signature on Whitesnake's albums, including Slide It In. Glenn Hughes contributed his extraordinary mix of soulful and compelling vocals with his funky and imaginative bass lines to Deep Purple's Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band. Called The Voice Of Rock by several formidable peers, Glenn has played with a myriad of bands including Black Sabbath, Hughes/Thrall and Gary Moore. Glenn is also featured on the new George Lynch release and Motley Crue's upcoming release.

    The three also came together in 1977 on Glenn's solo album Play Me Out. Mel's brother, Tom, came into the mix on the successful Phenomena project on two occassions in 1985 and 1987.

    Now in 1994 as Trapeze celebrates it's 25th anniversary, their uncompromising brand of energetic hard rock will come to the United States once again. The "You Are The Music - Tour '94" will feature one of the most original rock groups in a journey through their career. Trapeze is already in classic rotation on several radio stations, plus Goldmine Magazine says Medusa is one of the most requested albums to be released on CD. So, fans will be pleased to learn that they can get reacquainted with Trapeze as both Medusa and You Are The Music...We're Just The Band will be reissued on CD through Threshold/Polygram in March 1994.

    Trapeze has been described by Glenn, Mel and Dave as a family of which they are all life members. This unique opportunity to see a band that truly knows how to deliver a musical experience must NOT be missed. It is worth remembering what someone said about Trapeze in the early '70s: "To listen to one of their recordings or to see them in person makes you realize the incredible depth of their music. This combination of raw power and delicacy makes for a sound that is uniquely that of Trapeze".

  • Promotional Backgrounder used during 1994 reunion tour

    Trapeze is already in classic rotation on several radio stations, plus Goldmine Magazine says Medusa is one of the most requested albums to be released on CD.

    I believe this is that in-depth article/interview from Goldmine Magazine Nov 1994

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I was happy to caught the reformed line-up at the Hammersmith in '93(?) supporting Fish
    for the Andy Fields benefit and in '94 at The Robin in Bilston.I recall a Metal rock show on UK TV which Phil Alexander fronted where Trapeze played 'Coast To Coast'.No You Tube footage yet?
    Glazo SiFo

  • I believe this is that in-depth article/interview from Goldmine Magazine Nov 1994

    Yvonne, that is indeed that 'in-depth' article/interview from Goldmine....I bought that issue and promptly put in my Trapeze scrapbook!! Thanks for 'sharing'..... :thumbup:

  • Funny that when talking about bands from the Midlands it fails to mention Judas Priest. These must have been great shows, too bad this early 90s reunion didn't lead up to a new studio album.

  • My thoughts exactly.I guess that Glenn had signed to Japanese label Zero around that time and touring and promoting the likes of 'From Now On', 'Feel' and 'Addiction' would have been prioritized by Glenn over a new Trapeze album. It would have been 'good closure' for the classic Trapeze line up though. Maybe Trapeze did some demos around this time?

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