Best & Worst of 2008?

  • well the years nearly over and a lot has happened so here's a brief list of "top stuff"

    Best Live GH concert:
    1. An Evening With .... at The Robin2 :bouncer: :thumbup: :clapper: :singer: :bow:
    2. FUNK!
    3. Brentford Acoustic.

    Best Other Concert:

    1. Shawn Smith :bow: - Birmingham
    2. Micheal Schenker - Cannock
    3. Blanco Diablo - Cannock

    Best new release CD

    1. FUNK - GH :D
    2. The Diamond Hand - Shawn Smith
    3. Revelation - Journey

    Most Played in Car (in addition to above)

    1. Alive - Slade (2cd 4 albums)
    2. Rockford - Cheap Trick
    3. Live Way Back To The Bone - Trapeze

    Worst Concert:

    Whitesnake - NEC

    there's probably a stack of cds i have bought earlier in the year that dont spring to mind now and others that people will mention that i have too.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Like Paul, I've seen and heard a lot of good things this year. Here's what comes to mind at the moment:

    Best Live GH concert:
    I didn't get to see one :(

    Best Other Concert:

    1. Joe Bonamassa - Boise
    2. Jeff Scott Soto - L.A.
    3. Blue Oyster Cult - Jackpot
    4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra w/ Jeff Scott Soto & Al Pitrelli - Boise

    Best new release CD

    1. Big Daddy - F.U.N.K.
    2. Jeff Scott Soto - Beautiful Mess
    3. GnR - Chinese Democracy

    Most Played in Car

    1. JSS - Beautiful Mess
    2. Joe Bonamassa - You and Me
    3. Kiss - Crazy Nights

    Worst Concert:

    Lair of the Minotaur


  • Best GH Concert:
    I only got to go to one, Astoria 2, London, 10th June (but it was fantastic!)

    Best Other Concert:
    Foo Fighters, 6th June @ Wembley Stadium (never seen the Foos before, but I had a great time, except the journey home)
    Didnt get the chance to go to much else, but I also went to the theatre a bit this year, which was great!

    Best New Release:
    Apart from the obvious F.U.N.K, nothing else springs to mind, I havent really bought much new new stuff this year, mainly stuff thats probably been out a while, and I've not got round to buying before, like Queen, Soulmover (I know I should have got it sooner, but I'm not always that organised, and I got an edition that had extra stuff on it, so its not that bad!) and the soundtrack of Wicked (which I have since seen at the Apollo Victoria, and I loved it, and am going back to see it again next week!)

    Most Played:
    I have been listening to F.U.N.K alot since I got it, so that would be one, and also Wicked I think, (some of which is quite funny, but some of which I found quite emotional, and actually cried at when I saw it on stage)

    I don't think I've been disappointed with anythin I've bought, but there are a few songs/bands I keep hearing on the radio, that I really don't like, for example: Coldplay, which is just not for me, and not alot else comes to mind at the moment, but I'm sure there are more!

    Also, trying to leave Wembley after the Foos, was horrific. It was the worst end to a gig experience I have ever had. People were treated like cattle, and although the police were doing their best, when thousands of people were all trying to get to the same tube station, its not easy. It just wasn't that well organised getting people out. Sorry for ranting and going completely off the point.

    Helena, xx

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

  • Well, let's see:
    Didn't see any GH shows in 2008.
    Other shows: in no particular order were
    Molly Hatchett
    Iron Maiden
    Brian Auger
    Ringo Starr with Billy Squier and Edgar Winter

    Best Album:
    Uriah Heep-Wake the Sleeper
    Glenn - FUNK
    most of the rest was crap

    In the Car: Soul Mover, Wake the Sleeper, Book of Love (Russ Ballard), Rant (Ian Hunter), Piper (Piper)

    Most disappointing: where do you start ?? :mad: Let's say the fact that I was on the road and missed Motorhead, Mountain and Joe Bonamossa at different times :( Other let downs were the fact that they still call the Grammy's :mad: awards instead of popularity contests, BOC and Judas Priest are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame :huh: and Ritchie Blackmore is now married to the new millennium's Yoko Ono :rolleyes: which puts a kabosh on any chance at a MK3 reunion :( There are more, but I start feeling horrible when I think of it all.....

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Best Live GH concert:
    New Jersey show!!! :clapper:

    Best Other Concert:

    Sadly, I have not been to any other concerts in 2008 :( Probably been my busiest year at work ever.

    Best new release CD

    FUNK - for sure!

    Most Played in Car (besides FUNK and other GH cds)

    1. Phil Keaggy - 1998
    2. Jonny Lang - Turn Around

  • Best concert in 32 years (tied w/Trapeze) was the New Jersey gig.

    Watching your favorite artist from 10 feet away for a couple of hours is always going to be a highlight of my life.

    I haven't been to a show other than GH this year. The car stereo has Glenn Hughes This or That in it at all times. lol

    FUNK best CD of the year.

    Damn, I'm predictable :)

  • Best Live GH
    Well having not seen him since the 'Love & Homecoming Tour' I can't comment really (See later)

    Best Other Gig
    Uriah Heep at The Garage Glasgow Nov 2008 - they blew everyone away with a great mix of their new album and classic Heep. This band is very, very hungry!!!

    Queen + Paul Rodgers - great sound, great show, great songs, great voice, great recording !!!!!! :thumbup:

    Best New Release
    GH - FUNK - back to the good old funky days!!
    Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper - back to their very best!
    Quireboys - Homewreckers & Heartbreakers - great songs!

    Most Played In The Car
    All 3 of the above plus having my ipod on shuffle with 1600+ songs to choose from!!!

    Worst Gig
    Have nt had one this year, apart from NO GH SHOW IN THE NORTH YET AGAIN!!

    Now most of you know this is a bug bear of mine. C'mon papa, with the success of FUNK a FULL UK tour in June 2009 to coincide with the dates in the Midlands is essential. Being told to wait and see is wearing very thin!! Newcastle would be good if not in Glasgow or Edinburgh. You know it makes sense!

    Off to see the Quireboys tonight in Glasgow - have really got the bug again to see live bands. Skynyrd next year!!!

    Tours for 2009 Wish List
    Styx (awesome live band)
    Van Halen with DLR
    That Skynyrd bring Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet over for a pure suthern boogie night out!

  • You didn't dig Hunter's latest, John? I thought it was great.


    I agree Todd. "Shrunken Heads" was a good one :D but still a step below "Rant", which is my ALL-TIME Top Ten :bouncer:

    But Heep's new disc is amazing :claphands I spin at least one cut if not the whole thing daily.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Best Live GH
    None - see comments for worst gig.

    Best Other Gig(s)
    Michael Schenker In February - very short set, but a real return to form.
    Diamond Head - still plugging away, playing great gigs.

    Best New Release
    Opeth - Watershed - an absolute masterpiece. Nothing else comes close.

    Most Played
    Opeth - Watershed + complete back catalogue
    Diamond Head - What's In Your Head
    Waterboys - Room To Roam remaster

    Worst Gig
    If Leppard hadn't saved the day, it would have been Whitesnake/Def Leppard. DC's voice very poor.

    I can only echo Chris Spencer's comments about "gigs in the north". It's very disappointing to continually hear that Glenn can't get promoter support north of the border, when we have more good venues than ever in Glasgow and bands big and small can manage to play up here. Take a look at websites for Glasgow Academy, ABC, Garage, The Ferry, Cathouse, Barfly, Oran Mor, etc and you'll see full gig lists and many bands that would definitely pull in smaller audiences than Glenn. Sorry if I put anyone's "nose out of joint" with this, but it is so frustrating to hear the "promoter" reasoning time and again.


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