Hi Everyone!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Gab and I are leavin' for London 2nite...the gal needs a lil' vacation, so she is joining me on this trip to London/Spain and Prague. It's been fun being @ home...the weather has been marvellous darlings! So, its curry in London...and rain...and, well you get the picture...we will be all wrapped up in our winter clothes!

    I have been enjoying some free time...been hangin' with the Smiths...been watchin' my dogs play in the garden and I have been writin' for my book...AND...some new songs for the next GH album...it will be released in the Spring of 2010.

    F U N K is a benchmark achievement...I have raised the bar...I will be writing all next year...compiling all my new songs. Have 4 or 5 that are cookin' @ the moment...it'll be bootilicious and Soul saturated.

    May all your dreams come true...may all of your lives be touched by kindness, generosity, and love...I am always with you.



  • i know that there's always something good cooking in the kitchen when chef Glenn is at work. As always, we'll be awaiting our little previews whenever they come our way. I bought my tickets for BB King's today, so you can officially count me in for the family reunion in march.

    as for you Glenn,
    Peace and Love to you Brother. you know that where ever you go and what ever you do that your family travels w/ you...even if we can't be there.
    remember us and love us when you don't see us and show us the love when you do see us (which in my case will be on March 28th)

    until then, be sure that you're cookin' up some extra peas and cornbread for us. We're Hungry ;)
    peace and Love,

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