• I was wondering if anyone (David) knows if the invitation to the Sunday gig in NY is a "plus 1" or not.

    No...not plus 1 or plus any...unless your RSVP explicitly included additional names and they were accepted and confirmed. You can't show up on the night with 1 or more "extras"...in that case, only the person with the accepted RSVP will be allowed in.

    To reiterate, this is a small place, only 300 max. can & will be allowed in.

  • Yeah, on my email request, I mentioned "myself and a guest, if possible."

    I received 2 confirmation emails in response, 8 hours apart .. but they only have my name from the original request. I wasn't sure if the 2 responses were for each of us or just a "glitch."

    To be certain that my guest gets in, I had her send her own email request, specifying her own name. She's yet to receive a response (though, to be fair, her email was sent days after mine).

  • I was wondering if anyone (David) knows if the invitation to the Sunday gig in NY is a "plus 1" or not. I'm coming to town by myself, but you never know what the future holds ;)

    The future holds a divorce if you need the "plus one" :p

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Gosh Frank,
    I thought our relationship was more secure than that :cool: if it's coming down to a divorce, i guess you can have my ticket ;)
    OR, maybe I misunderstood you. Is YOUR wife gonna divorce YOU if I can only get myself in ? :huh: what a crazy world we're livin' in, huh ?

  • :lol: OH BART, YOU ARE SO SILLY :lol: :D


    The green is for my envy of missing this private gig

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I wrote for a reservation for the John Varvatos show,
    but didn't get any reply back....then or since :(
    I have no clue what I did wrong.

    When I first "clicked on" using the site posted here,
    I had to start up an account with "Windows Live"
    which of course I've totally forgotten what password,
    etc. I had originally typed in.

    So I just now, re-sent an e-mail directly to the e-mail address
    that David posted here. JV_PR1@vfc.com
    I hope that this time things will work out or,
    yes, you guessed correctly............

    I'll probably have to bring some "heavy metal" with me,
    for my "conversation" with the doorman-bouncer-security guard-gorilla. :axe:

    ( :lol: )


  • Grace, you got it right the second time. You had to send your request to the e-mail address. Hopefully you will be alright.

    On another note, all you GHCP'S who are coming to NYC, what is the plan? Do we hava a place where we are meeting up Saturday before the gig? Where is everyone staying? I haven't made my arrangements yet. Have you all done that? It's getting closer and it's time to get some of this together.

  • Was so thrilled to get a direct Tweet from Glenn the other day. SOunds as if our man is ecstatic about getting back to the States and especially LA. What a class individual Glenn is, I know of very few people who would take the time to respond to e-mails, etc. the way he does.
    Glenn, if you read this, you are THE MAN !!!
    John and Chip along with myself will give the GHCPs a presence in LA that will make Glenn proud !!

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hey guys. I'm new to this board (Glenn has had so many that I've lost count).

    I'll be at Foxboro in the front GA section. I've been trying to see a live Glenn solo show for over a decade, so I'm thrilled it will finally happen!

    But you guys are starting to make me jealous. I was so happy Glenn announced a show close to home that I didn't even consider making the trip to NYC for the Saturday show and the Varvatos show on Sunday. That would have been a great weekend!

  • welcome on board jj69. I don't know how many other GH boards there are around, but this is definently the real deal here. if you have any doubts, just spend a whole day trying to check out everything that's on here, or you could just ask G. himself on fri. night.

  • I contacted the Highland by phone they do allow cameras but no flash photography , also only personal hand held equipment, small digital or disposable cameras, anything that may look like professional grade will not be permitted and no audio or video recordings are permitted

    Also as a Glenn Hughes noob, what can we expect in the setlist?

  • We are only days away now. Where are we all gonna meet up Saturday?

    Howabout everyone that is coming chime in and see if we can't come up with a plan.

    It's not everyday or even every year that we all get to hang out much less see Big Daddy so lets make this weekend one to remember!

    If there's a will, there's a way :singer:

  • i'm not sure yet where the place is. I'll have to check back and see Bill's scouting report. I'm down for meeting and I'm also thinking that we'll have to be at the club pretty early to ensure the best seating for us. ( Get up and get in line) I'll keep staying in touch.

  • The venue for the upcoming show in New York City, The Highline Ballroom, on Saturday, March 28th, 2009 has just instituted an extremely strict curfew time!

    Glenn will be Onstage at 8:00PM prompt and the venue has made Curfew at 9:30PM. Yes, you read that right!! This also has the unfortunate side effect of Glenn and band, being unable to do a Meet'n'Greet.

    This is totally out of Glenn's control and he's forced to adhere to this extreme and highly unusual arrangement.

    As a reminder, the venue's Doors Open at 6:00PM and the evening of music begins at 7:00PM with a support band, Luke Mulholland (http://www.lukemulholland.com).

    Please spread the word, thanks.

    For those attending the gig the night before in Foxboro, MA. on the 27th and for the lucky few, who were confimed for the private event the night after in New York City, on the 29th, there will be no such restriction in place and also the Whisky A Go Go gig on April 4th in Los Angeles, California :thumbup:

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