• Got my tix for the BB show in NYC. It looks to be the same lineup as the last time I saw Glenn at BBs in June 2007.

    Great band!

  • Mikey & Penny D will be there.

    We are looking forward to seeing our equally crazy french friends Nat & Jerome and also Bart ("we love that funky s**t Glenn") once again!!

    Roll on NYC

    M&P (the Grimsby UK contingent)

  • Hey, I look forward to seeing you guys there. I just tried to get a ticket to that allman bros. show for Fri. night too. they must be sold out. I couldn't even get 1 from ticket master. is that where you got yours from ?

    I'll send you an e-mail with the link to the ABB tickets. I can't tell it publicly as it was part of Jerome's birthday present :D

    All I can tell you is that I got 2 loge tickets at the 2nd row at an insane price :lol:

    It was not through Ticketmaster. I was on their site when they opened the sales and... there was nothing left :mad:
    It seems that all the tickets are sold through US brokers.

    Just can't wait to see ya again, mister "play that funky music white boy"...:lol:




  • I'm excited to see Glenn once again at BB Kings. The last time I had great seats right in front of Glenn, it was like he was playing in my living room! I'm also happy to hear that the same musicians will be there, they kicked ass at the last show.

    I'll be coming in via train from CT, arriving mid afternoon and won't be staying over night but I hope to meet some of the fans on the message board here for the first time.

    My friend Glen (also a big GH fan) & I will probably eat somewhere near BB's before the show. The last few shows I've seen there (Glenn Hughes/UFO/Derringer) I've either eaten at BB's or Chevy's which is right next door. Both places are pricey for what you get but hey it's NYC so I guess I'll have to accept the fact that I'll be forking out the cash. I'm always up for suggestions if any of you know of bar/restaurants near BB's that are reasonable and a cool place to hang for a pre show party.

  • That's weird, I just posted above and then checked my email with announcement from ticketmaster...

    Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event. GLENN HUGHES scheduled at BB KINGS BLUES CLUB/GRILL on SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2009, at 8:00 PM, has changed to a new venue. The event will now take place at the HIGHLINE BALLROOM, same time & date. Original tickets will be honored for the new venue.


  • Due to ticket demand, the upcoming gig in New York City has been moved to a larger venue.

    It takes place on the same date, Saturday, March 28th but now at The Highline Ballroom.

    Glenn Hughes
    The Highline Ballroom
    431 W 16th St
    New York, NY 10011
    (between 9th and 10th Ave)
    (212) 414-5994

    Tickets from the original venue, BB King's will be honored. Refunds available at point of purchase for those who cannot attend new venue.

    Starts @ 7:00PM
    Doors Open @ 6:00PM
    Tickets $25.00 in advance
    $30.00 day of show.

    Glenn on stage approx. 8:00PM.

    Ticketweb: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEv…eventId=1032494

    Full dinner menu available / General Admission Seated Show / All Ages / First come, first seated, standing room at the bar / $10 min per person at tables

  • Thank you, Saint Anthony.



  • With the change in venue, I think the Captain needs to do some recon in finding a place to maybe eat or drink at beforehand. I am off this weekend and will take a trip into NYC to scope out the area and find something suitable. I will also work out travel directions; e.g subway and get a feel for the neighborhood.

    So...they needed a bigger room, did they? Hey Grace...maybe someone heard you and didn't fancy losing their head! ;)

    I will report back after my trip!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Great idea, Bill :)
    See if there's a 24-hour parking garage nearby for me.
    One that hopefully doesn't hire gorillas to park your car.

    "431" sounds like it's in the Hudson; let's hope that it's near West Street.
    The IRT No. 1 line, at 14th (express stop) or 18th (local stop) would be the way to go.

    Although 16th Street is stretching it a bit, I suppose that this location
    could be considered as part of the West Village, where I'm from..........
    Downing Street, between 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas, for the tourists, ha, ha)
    and Varick. Although I'm not totally thrilled about dinner being served, during Glenn's
    performance. I guess that only "The Living Room Tour" would meet all of our demands. :rolleyes:

    And I sincerely hope that with the right amount of publicity
    this place will also proove to be too small to hold Glenn's New York area fans.

    One step closer to---> Radio City Music Hall / Madison Square Garden.
    Heh, heh, heh.



  • I'm happy to see there is high ticket demand. This goes to show that Glenn needs to do more gigs in the USA.

  • Speaking of more gigs, David are there any more dates to be announced or are the gigs that have been announced the final word?

    There might be another, but no more than that on this run of shows in the States. Glenn really wants to get out and play more places here, but it's proving easier said than done. We'll obviously let you know as things progress.

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