Glenn Hughes UK Weekend - June 2009 - CONFIRMED!

  • Jerome, i know one song that will be in there cos Glenn promised - I Dont Want To Live That Way Again :D :bouncer:

    Currently listening to Still The Night, Hughes Thrall

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I'm sure some of those will be in the set Jerome :cool1:

    But I should tell you that despite what the press have eluded to up until this point, the set won't be as all encompassing as they make it's unlikely any Iommi material will be included and wolfysmith...also some of the more epic past solo numbers. Having said that, you can certainly expect to hear some songs that have never had a live airing before. And the Trapeze night on the Sunday, promises to be something even more special than even I had hoped for! So you're guaranteed some real gems for sure over what will be one of the most exciting Glenn Hughes weekends....ever...I think it's safe to say :thumbup: :cool:

  • You're right about the Trapeze night David. I am SO excited about that one. Especially as i know 9 of the songs that Jeff and the guys have been asked to learn!

    Currently listening to Still The Night, Hughes Thrall

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Hey Shirl, Sorry you've not been feeling great. Nice gesture regarding your tickets. Liverpool was a blast but and sorry for wizzing past. I seem to have wizzed past everyone that night! Let me put my diplomacy hat on and say that dealing with The Academy wasn't something I would do again. Still it's always a buzz promoting the Voice of Rock in any capacity.

    The Robin is a great venue and literally just up Glenn's street. We are lucky enough to be staying over at the venue. Looking forward to that.

  • & for the Trapeze night my dream is something like that :

    Way back to the bone
    Feelin' so much better now
    Black cloud

    Accoustic set :
    Coast to Cosat
    Send me no more letters
    Will our love ends

    Your love is alright
    What is woman's role

    You're the music

    My godnessssssssssss, what the two nights are we going to live ...

    In fact I doesn't matter what would be the two setlists, I'm sure it's gomma be incredible ... In advance thanks U Glenn :claphands:bouncer:  :claphands

  • In fact I'm not excpecting some Iommi stuff or any DP stuff (except Highball shooter GH version) ... We are going to have a Trapeze night (fantastic, unbelievable ...), and I would like to have a Glenn night (solo years) and I'm sure the fans and the other audience would be very very happy ...

    In fact I'm still astonished by the fine and great welcome new yorkers have made to the Funk album & set :claphands :claphands :claphands:bouncer:

    I'm very happy for the band and the risqué choice.

  • I am really looking forward to a weekend with Glenn...woo hoo can't wait!!! :claphands

    "Ive been mistreated, Ive been abused.
    Ive been struck downhearted, baby, Ive been confused cause I know, yes, I know Ive been mistreated.
    Since my baby left me Ive been losing my mind, you know I have." - Richie Blackmore & David Coverdale

  • Boo Hoo :( :( :(
    It is unbelievable how always
    when we are a 100% shure
    that will go somewhere,
    something unexpected happens
    and we can't go :( :( :(
    This time Pete have to work an extra day
    on saturday,then on sunday we have
    to buy some things for the house,
    and will be impossible to come
    to both the gigs at Robin2 :( :( :(
    But we are more than shure that
    you all will have a great time with Papa
    on both gigs.
    We will wait for lots of pictures and video
    reports :thumbup: :bow: :thumbup:
    Lots of Love and Respect to you all,
    from all of us.

    Dani,Pete and baby Gabi


  • Hope everyone who goes has a great time, wish I could go, but couldnt happen this time. hopefully, it will not be too long before there's another gig I can make it to! Helena, xx

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

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