Live on Rockline (USA) radio

  • What a fantastic live performance Glenn and his band gave us tonight. Each and every one of them were at the top of their game, just fantastic!

    Great interview segment too, with some awesome callers and questions ;) :cool: :thumbup:

    The live set included:

    Crave, First Underground Nuclear Kitchen, We Shall Be Free, Coast To Coast, Love Communion,
    Don't Let Me Bleed, Soul Mover and Burn

    Runtime is just under 80 minutes :cool:

  • I fell out at 11:30 my time, I had worked really hard and was exhausted yesterday. I kept losing reception during the show so I blew off calling in after a while...Shirean asked the question I was going to I had others, but couldn't get through. It was cool to hear Grace's voice..and great question, Shirean! lol

    I'm sure it was hard to get a great sound for recording in a little room, they did a great job .....I thought it very cool that James Taylor had left a question for Glenn.

    But much as I liked the Burn and Stormbringer albums in the 70s, I sure wish DJs would play one of the hundred or so incredible Glenn Hughes solo songs instead of taking up time playing old DP when they talk to Glenn. Who wants to hear David Coverdale singing when the best rock singer that ever lived is sitting there being interviewed. That would make me crazy if I were Imperfection, play anything off of the last 5 albums or further back...but Stormbringer?

    Ok, rant over, GREAT JOB PAPA GH... I wish I would have caught the end when he said he was coming to Houston soon...he did say that, right? LOL

  • Well that was a brilliant performance, and I was ecstatic with the rendition of Soul Mover; it always moves my soul, but this was exceptional :bow: :bow:

    I had my man Simon listening, and you had to see his expression while Glenn was knocking out some of the higher notes !! The little guy listens to "Orion" whenever we go in the car :clapper: and I guess now he'll enjoy Soul Mover as much as I do.

    That was just such a marvelous mid-week treat !!! :claphands :claphands

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"


    Glenn's most recent live and electric "plugged in" performance on one of the premiere USA based, nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Rockline, is now available to listen to again, but for only a short time via their webstream.

    You'll enjoy a thorough Q&A with the host, Bob Coburn, in addition to audience phone-in questions and of course, a full electric set, comprising songs from F U N K, Soul Mover and some classic Trapeze and Deep Purple. So hurry and
    tune-in before it disappears!

    Be sure and tell all your friends to tune-in and listen now :cool: :thumbup:

  • Luis Carlos Maldonado (guitar, except on Coast To Coast), Anders Olinder (keys) and Matt Goom (drums). Guess you're still listening and haven't 'gotten to the end when they tell you :)

    Matt and Anders I allready knew (twitter told me)

    But I was still listening (you got it right)!

    And... It was quite clear that was Luis, but, I guess I'm kind'a dumb!
    ahhaahahah! Cheers, David!


  • Back after a short hiatus from the fan forum... I was busy finishing the Medusa album which is now done and off to the pressing plant... :cool:

    I listened to the Rockline show online the day after it was broadcast and was literally blown away by the power of the live set!
    Now that's what you call promotion :thumbup:
    I hope this helps in getting the well deserved US-shows going.

    What I really find interesting is that Anders plays Burn on the Fender Rhodes instead of the Hammond :confused:
    The baroque bit in the solo section actually works on the Rhodes, but the rest of the song definitely needs the organ sound.
    Maybe drop Burn in favour of another, more funky Purple song (Getting Tighter?) next time?

    Now that the Medusa CD is finished I will make my own private remastered Rockline Live CD :D

    Or any chance this is coming out on Pink Cloud? ;)




  • I am amazed that every time Glenn is on Rockline,
    they always play the original version of "Stormbringer."
    And the last time Glenn was on, it was introduced as.......
    "Stormbringer, featuring Glenn Hughes."
    Could somebody please notice that it's 'ole DC singing lead?
    And our boy (Mr. Class) still hasn't punched anybody's lights out,
    for continuously making this error, every time he's on Rockline!

    Yep, the live set was incredible. I wonder when the last time a live show
    at Rockline sounded so crisp and clean, without needing any sound-studio finagling.
    This really sounded like one of Glenn's stage performances, when he takes off
    and does an improvisational version of his standard hits, or as I like to call it
    (with one of my complicated musical terminologies)
    "Houston, we have ignition........we have lift off!"

    :rose: And this version of "Coast to Coast" gave me chills.
    Glenn, ya' done Mel proud.



  • It wasn't slated to be in the original set list, but Bob (the host), really wanted to hear that one live, so Glenn and the band obliged :)

    I fr one love hearing Burn as an encore during shows. I think hearing Glenn sing the song does more justice than the Purple version with Coverdale.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • "The Best Of Rockline Radio LIVE!"... this Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 @ 8:30PM PT :cool1:


    Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) plugged in just after the release of his album, First Underground Nuclear Kitchen, or F.U.N.K. ...and was it ever.

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