AC/DC anyone ?

  • Managed to get 2 tickets to go to the AC/DC gig in Paris on the 27th of february. They will perform 2 gigs on the 25th & 27th in Paris (capacity 17000 per gig) and all the tickets were sold in 15 minutes.
    Never saw them live. Can you believe that ?

    Did you listen to their new CD ? Well, this is AC/DC music...Nothing more, nothing less. Exactly what I expected from them :lol:

  • AC/DC is playing Ahoy in Holland which is 'only' a 10.000 capacity hall. Kinda small for AC/DC. The last time they were here they played a 18.000 venue which was sold out.

    As expected Ahoy was sold out in a blink. Many fans are quite upset why they play such a small place.

    Metallica also play Ahoy in the same week. Tickets went on sale yesterday. Also these were sold out before your knew it. I managed to get 2 tix as did my friend. Hopefully we can trade 2 tix for 2 AC/DC tix. Would be nice to see them again :D

  • Saw them a few times in the eighties & in the nineties...
    For sure every time i had it for my money...
    Be lucky to have a ticket for the 1st March in Antwerpen...
    There's a lot of rumours about some european festivals appearances this summer (Arrow Rock Fest, Graspop metal meeting...) we cross your fingers...

  • I remember seeing an AC/DC and UFO co headline tour many moons ago at Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. Thought Bon Scott was awesome and the show was remarkable.

    Once they got to arenas I really lost interest and remember leaving one show at Nassau Coliseum after about 40 minutes because I was thoroughly bored. Have seen some recent DVDs and TV films of shows and they seem much more interesting now than then.

    Nathalie, I hope they give you a knockout show in Paris.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • A very good band, I have three albums, Back In Black, For Those About To Rock We salute You and Stiff Upper Lip. I haven't heard the new album yet.

    Enjoy yourself at the gig.


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