Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts

  • Watched a very enjoyable TV program on BBC4 last night from a series of 5 concerts last November at the famous Ronnie Scott's.
    The BBC synopsis reads as:

    A unique concert from legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. Filmed over five nights at the intimate Ronnie Scott's venue, Beck performs some his greatest music alongside guest artists Joss Stone, Imogen Heap and Eric Clapton.

    The band make up,as well as the guests,was:

    Jeff Beck guitar
    Vinnie Colaiuta drums
    Jason Rebello keyboards
    Tal Wilkenfeld bass

    The program is on again at 1am UK on 27/10 & can be seen (if available to you)on the BBC iPlayer at:

    Spotted Robert Plant & Jimmy Page in the audience & this takes place a few days before the Zep reunion concert at the O2 arena in December.

  • Sorry,Nathalie,I didn't.............I may well remedy that when it's repeated on the 27th ;)

    Meantime there are some clips from the concert(s)on YouTube,such as these two:

    Just search for 'Jeff Beck & 'Ronnie Scotts'

  • Sorry,Nathalie,I didn't.............I may well remedy that when it's repeated on the 27th ;)

    That would make Jerome the happiest man on earth :)
    Thanks a lot Ben !
    He is watching the you tube clips right now. I'm afraid dinner will be delayed :lol:

  • took my son to the library and i just happened to find this dvd on the shelf-gotta get my own now -i gotta tell you all it was a pleasure to watch that young girl play that bass with a lotta joy-its good to see some young people that like to play good music :thumbup:

  • I bought the CD of the show when it was released. It doesn't have any of the guest appearances perhaps due to clearances..but Beck and his band are just phenomenal! And Tal Wilkenfeld is fantastic, the interplay between her and Jeff is obvious on the CD and even more fun to watch. The DVD is out in stores here...on Blu-Ray no less!

    When I saw UFO last month, the opening act was the Travis Lawson Band, an instrumental trio. They played a fusionesque blend which brought to mind, Led Zep, Rush, Steve Morse and Jeff Beck. Jennifer Young is the bassist and she is another fabulous player...made me think of Tal Wilkenfeld.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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