Who would you like Glenn to open for?

  • Glenn hasn't done a lot of opening slots or co-headlinging tours in the past. Most tours have been solo tours. I remember a Euro tour with Glenn opening for UFO. This was in support of the R.O.C.K. album. Why Glenn hasn't done more support shows might have been discussed before.

    My question to you is: who would you like Glenn to open for? What would be a great dream combination for a tour??

  • In the past, I never got bent out of shape like some other fans,
    who objected to Glenn doing a "guest appearance" on somebody else's CD.
    Or on a tribute CD, where everybody did their own version of....whatever.
    I always figured that it gave our boy some extra publicity, would cost him maybe
    a few hours at most, while hanging out with old and new friends at a recording studio,
    and had the potential of new people discovering "Who's Glenn Hughes?" :mad:

    Who would be a good opening act for Glenn?
    Practically anybody..........if they were able to sing in "one" of Glenn's singing styles.

    But I think that the days of Glenn opening a show for somebody else are over.
    Or they damn well should be.

    (And now that Pavarotti is gone............who would be stupid enough to think that
    they could follow.......and then top......Glenn Hughes?) :eek: :lol: :eek:


  • Hi Grace. What I meant is if there was a big arena tour. A combo of artists like we had with Journey, Cheap Trick and Heart earlier this year. Wouldnt it be great to see some sort of tour involving Glenn? Also a great way to reach a new audience!

  • w/out putting a lot of thought into this, my quick answer is that he could open on the next Red hot Chili Pepers tour w/ chad on the drums. it would defenantly be a FUNKy crowd and they would imediatly love it even if they didn't know who G. is because of Chad on drums. of course, if they didn't know G. at the beginning of the set, they would never forget him by the end.
    peace........and cornbread,

  • OK, it's no news flash that I might be slightly prejudiced in favor of our boy. :rolleyes:

    I remember that the first time that I saw GH at Birch Hill, New Jersey,
    there were three (count 'em three) opening acts before Glenn started his performance.
    What I remember is that the first group wasn't too good, but at the end of their set,
    they explained that they had only been together for a short time, and they wanted
    to thank the audience for being polite. Another group had a pretty good female lead singer,
    with Janis Joplin overtones, and one of the group's name was "The Spider Monkeys."
    I also remember thinking how everybody has to start somewhere, but why here and now?

    When Glenn did the BB King's show in New York, the opening act was a good guitarist,
    (sorry, but I don't remember his name) and I think that the crowd knew that this guy
    was in a tough situation, and the audience did a good job of cheering /applauding for him.
    (Yes, we GH Crazy People have lots of class!)

    So, OK.......Glenn decides to be an opening act for somebody.
    *Does he risk getting booed off the stage because the crowd wants Hanna Montana?

    *Does he open for the Beach Boys, and hurtles his career back 20, 30 years?
    (My local PBS station has recently broadcast Do-wop Golden Oldie shows. Does Glenn
    belong sandwiched in-between Little Antony and the Imperials, and the Duprees?)

    *Does he emphasize his jazz ability by opening for Anita Baker?

    *His ballad ability with a show "starring" Michael Bolton or Celine Dion? (Yuck.)

    *Does he do one show with, let's say, a "new farewell concert" with The Police,
    and get thrown out because he's too good?

    *Can you imagine the audience reaction if Glenn and Tony Iommi walked onstage together
    and did "7th Star, 8th Star, (OOPS, I mean The Dep Sessions) and Fused" as an opening act
    to a Black Sabbath show? After noticing the comparison....an awful lot of Sabbath fans would
    drop dead from shock.

    Glenn enjoys doing the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camps?
    But I prefer to see Glenn not as part of an onstage crowd.

    True, our boy isn't a houshold name, or there wouldn't be that ~
    "Glenn (formerly of Deep Purple) Hughes" label.
    But where does he fit in, as an opening act?
    I tried to come up with a few names...............
    Couldn't do it.


  • Yeah, this is a tough one....for all the reasons stated above. I would say it would have to be for a young, hip and talented band with a good worldwide following! Hmmm....I can't think of any either! But...I'm not exactly in touch :eek: so if you have names to add to the suggestion pot, then those would be, no doubt, a good start to add to any potential list.

    Sorry I can't be more precise! But definitely not a Slaughter, Winger, Poison, a la carte '80s metal headline package! Chilli Peppers would be cool, but that just ain't 'gonna happen! Whoever it is, they're most likely not a 'rock' band.

    Probably the best way to kick things off would be for Glenn to be a 'special guest' during the main performance of the main performer...like when he came on stage half-way thru the Rata Blanca gigs...a few shows like that might then lead to headline shows in all the right places!

    Just my 2 cents!

  • Thanks.
    But I certainly don't consider this thread as being ridiculous.
    I think Arjen is doing what all GHCPs end up doing.
    Trying to figure out a way to get our boy some publicity,
    and a chance to perform before new audiences.

    Once they hear Glenn sing, "Hey, who IS this guy?"
    They're half-way to becoming our newest ~


  • C'mon everyone. I didn't mean to get people upset here ;) Maybe I should have called this thread "What would be a cool package tour". We all know it's almost impossible for Glenn to tour the US, so maybe a package tour would be a solution... or a cool opening slot for a big band :p

    I like to leave this topic for what it is, on to the next :thumbup:

  • yngwie malmsteen because deep purple and burn record influnced yngwie too much and california jam influnced his stage acts

    but i think its pretty imposibble hahaha they hate each other i think

    maybe for asia

    or for heaven and hell

    queen and paul rodgers

    or maybe motor head

    it will be a mind blowing concert there

    when trash metal meets the soulful funk rock


    sweet dreams :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • including meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i am a huge sabbath fan especially the seventh star era

    all sabbath fans if this happened after 45 years will be amazed :lol:

    maybe this match will happen in heaven :lol:

  • Can remember when songwriter T-Bone Burnett was the opening act for The Who in Chicago-'82. It actually worked out pretty well. Can't forget his name after that billing! Howz Bout Glenn opening for AC/DC, the latest buzz in the media, with their new album. Just a thought.

  • I have always been a fan of co headline tours where one band closes one night and then they switch off. This was fairly popular about 30 years ago. Bring back a few seventies bands and plug Glenn in between them or have a revolving headliner. Who ? That's another story, but maybe someone who would bring in the 1500 or so people on name recognition alone (Billy Squier, Edgar Winter, Uriah Heep, etc.). Another thing I would recommend to Glenn in the USA would be Summer and Fall Ribfests which are held all over the country. The Ribfest in St. Pete, FL usually draws 150,000 people for three days, and has brought diverse shows throughout its history. Mountain, Greg Rolie Band and Creedence one year was absolutely unbelievable. Kansas, Loverboy, Edgar Winter and the Doobie Brothers was another. if Glenn got a slot and played a kick ass one hour show in front of 60,000 people he would grab a whole new US audience. One great bill was Paul Rodgers and Blue Oyster Cult that brought the place down. Molly Hatchett opened early that year, and Cheap Trick played one of the other nights.

    To gain notoriety here, no matter how good you are, people want to see you with someone familiar. These types of shows, usually one off types, are a great way to get the name out and be exposed to thousands of new people. As great as Glenn is, his name will not fill larger halls here, and there is a great amount of opportunity in the US to add to his popularity. Imagine if during the Fantasy Camp Tour if Glenn's band had been the headline instead of him doing one or two songs with a camper. Guaranteed many more people would have stood up and said "WOW".

    In 1974 I saw the Who at MSG in New York, and the openers for the four nights I went were Maggie Bell, Golden Earring and Montrose. To this day I remember Montrose doing a set that was incredible and helped launch them and Sammy Hagar's careers that are still going strong. Sometimes the right opening slot is more beneficial than the top spot.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • How about Living Colour ?. Has anybody heard of them ?.They had a hit in 1990 with Love Rear Its Ugly Head. They recently had a good album out called Collideoscope. They fuse hard rock with funk influences and I'm sure that Glenn would be able to open up for them. What do you think ?.

  • how about GH, Chad and Louis as a 3-piece doing Trapeze songs only, supporting ZZ Top. Just like the old days, except it was ZZ supporting Trapeze back then.

    And add Cheap Trick to the bill purely so i can get to see them

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