Who would you like Glenn to open for?

  • I am SO happy with my ongoing growth as a writer and Vocalist...I'm on the Path that has been laid out for me...Progression, not perfection...I will keep pushin' the boundaries...there will be surprises...I'm always workin' on a lil' somethin'...

    And that is what keeps me interested. No 2 albums sound exactly the same. All I can say is I'm looking forward to those surprises :)

  • yeah, the thing with Glenn is that he doesnt stick to a category or formula like a lot of bands have. if he was supporting a metal band then the crowd would expect Burn, Stormbringer and Iommi songs, not his funky stuff.

    His current audience are fans of all sorts of his past and present work. there will always be demands by promoters for a kind of DP show but to my mind his solo work is way better and is the music that has to be played and promoted live.

    i cant think of any bands/artists who have such a wide and varied back catalogue to pull from, whilst writing & playing modern and groovy funk-rock-soul.

    and supporting means a shorter set list and even more of a tough choice to choose it.

    the other problem with supporting a "classic" band is G is then labelled as going down the "classic" nostalgia route too - even if playing his recent material.

    there is nothing i would love more than Glenn playing at Wembley or suchlike in front of a massive crowd and getting them all jumping about to Love Communion or Soul Mover. but sadly it aint gonna happen.

    i look at it like Glenn, pleased he's still writing, playing and touring :thumbup:

    Listening to Stupid Little Girl, JKB.

  • Nice thread and great reply from Glenn. Many issues covered here but the one which struck me was the reaction of the Deep Purple camp. Now I am as guilty as anyone of harping on about Deep Purple (as if it's the only thing Glenn ever did but far from it).

    It is so ironic that Mr Gillan protects his rediscovered brand values with such pride. But sadly, it would come as a bit of a shock to assembled guests if the prodigal son of Mark Three conspired to remind them that the brand actually means more than the dry Noel Coward type meanderings we get served up as new Deep Purple material.

    David and Glenn brought a sexiness to DP which of course David went on to exploit further with Whiesnake commercially. The rest is history.

    But the big point here is that Deep Purple is different things to different people. So why not come up with a show to celebrate that diversity? I know I am speaking naively. Hell would freeze over and the rest of it. But commercially it would work.

    If I was doing my fantasy football team thing I'd love to see Glenn Hughes opening then Whitesnake (House of Blues set as opposed to trying to be 1987 again), Deep Purple with Jon Lord guesting. Oh and I sigh and get into real fantasy stuff with some vague notion of Blackmore's Night jigging joyously somewhere on the bill too. Lovely idea but more chance of Wolves or Everton winning the Champions League...but not impossible. It wouldn't be a question of "blowing off" whoever, Gillans' ultimate fear which is why they gig with The Scorpions, it would be a celebration of musical styles.

    What Carl and Glenn do is pretty straight forward. They do what is right and comfortable for Glenn creatively. If I get a new Glenn Hughes album I know it IS the latest album which reflects where Glenn is spiritually and musically. If an opportunity comes up, they consider it for what it does for Glenn's career.

    I wouldn't be so hasty about not envisaging Glenn perform to 2.000 people or more. This happens on a regular basis at festivals and in places like Eastern Europe. But it happens on Glenn's terms not because some shiny shod scheister says so. That's good enough for me.

    It's interesting that alot of UK fans from our venue have just come back from Downlaod which is often billed as a METAL festival. Well alot of the bands are of course. But if you read the forums, young people are talking just as much about Black Stone Cherry, ZZ Top, Def Leppard (hmm), Journey and Chris Cornell as they are about Trivium and co. Unfortunately Whitesnake don't get a great deal of good press these days, it has to be said. But then again the fact is that that these bands are not metal. Glenn could sit well within the spectrum of rock. I'd love to see that happen personally. Hey maybe I'd even buy a ticket! Wonders will never cease ;)

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