average age of fans

  • I don't know which catagory this would have best fit into, so I put it here..... I noticed that Glenn said the average age of the fans that he's seeing now is 22 years old. I guess that means that for an old geezer like me (46 years) there has to be someone out there at -2 years of age for us to average out to 22. Does that means that some girl who is already a fan has to go to the concert and think that she'll have a kid in 2 years that will be a Papa G. fan for me to be in the mix?

  • i m in my 20's and I m into Glenn and deep purple and trapeze and led zeppelin and blue cheer and free and the old stuff as the new stuff

    im 24 and i m a California jam fan :cool:


    i m into Glenn since the last year only but i feel that i Ive listened to this songs 30 years ago :lol:

    and i know some people whose age is 15 and they are into Glenn and purple and trapeze fans ;)

  • I've only been to 1 show (so far), and i think there was a real mix. I'm 23, and I saw some people I guess were about my age, or not too far off, and some that were a little older. I think its great that so many types of people enjoy Glenn's music, it brings people together. Helena, xx

  • I see there is a big age difference between Euro fans and US fans by these posts. Most of us over here (USA) are older and have been into Glenn since our twenties. Glad to see so many younger fans of great music. Keep bringing them on board Poppa, we need that infusion of young blood to keep the fire burning.

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