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  • Hi

    Now that Glenn has rediscovered his love of playing the guitar is the line up for the next album going to be:

    All lead and background vocals-Glenn
    Bass Guitar-Glenn
    All lead and rhythym guitars-Glenn
    Music, Melodies and lyrics-Glenn

    Not sure about these-

    Just wondering!! :confused:

    Paul J

  • Hi Paul,

    I was wondering when this question would come up.

    I have no plans to record another disc in the near future...because F U N K is so dear to my heart, I will let it breathe. It is such a GH album, and I want it to sink in with my fans...for the first time in my career, I have not set a recording schedule, as I believe I need to go out and play live, especially my songs on F U N K.

    Don't worry, I am writin' all the time...all groovy...very vibey. I am playin' a lot of guitar and I possibly will on the next GH record...I have been writing all new material on my Gibson Les Paul's and 335's...they sing to me.

    My music wakes me in the middle of the nite...I guess I am here 4 a divine purpose....what is the question? My Higher Power is the answer...

    Peace and love...
    In Siberia @ the Circus...


  • Hi Glenn

    Thanks for the personal reply :)

    What i said was more in jest. Knew you were not planning to do another for a while. You know what we are like, just can't get enough of your work.

    Still loving FUNK. Imperfection is still perfection, still funking to FUNK and We Shall Be Free, and rocking to Oil and Water.

    Still mad that i've not been able to see you live since the Soul Mover tour :(

    Best wishes,

    Keep enjoying the tour!!


  • I took the subway into NYC and stopped by the Virgin Superstore in Times Square...and there, in the "Glenn Hughes" section were about 6 copies of "FUNK"...available for the masses. Now is that cool or what?

    I keep hearing about all the younger fans turning up at the shows...the FUNK speaks to all regardless of age! I have heard Glenn's music on XM radio....yes, the message is getting out there!

    Russia and Europe have gotten a megadose of FUNK....can't wait for my "Soul Vaccination" here in the States soon!

    Can I count it off?? :thumbup: :clapper:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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