• Hi there! ;)

    I have been a "guest" (registered, but not active) member of this forum for a long time, and I have finally decided to become a (somehow) contributing member!

    I thought I should perhaps say a little about me, and why I'm such a big fan of Glenn, before I start using the board actively ;)

    To start of with the basic facts, I'm a 23 year old guy from Harstad, Norway (waaay up north), and atm I study administration & economics while trying to get my music career going somehow. I'm a singer in a metal band, (I will link to my music here some time later) but I also sing other styles (classic, blues, soul - thanks to Glenn of course)

    I first heard Glenn sing when I saw the California Jam video in 2003, and it was a really breath taking experience for me.. As a newbie at singing at that moment, I had never even heard any guy able to sing anything close to this, and I knew from that same moment that I had found my biggest inspiration in my musical life.

    Just after I saw this video, I started realizing that I'd heard the name before... So when I checked where, I found out that he had actually done a concert with HTP in my home town the year before!! (That's pretty big for our town with only 20.000 citizens)

    That was pretty frustrating, that I hadn't been there, and especially since - I HAD TICKETS FOR THE CONCERT!

    Glenn Hughes played in my home town, I had the tickets but didn't go there since I had no idea who he was... And just a few months after, the only thing I wanted to do in my whole life was to visit a Glenn Hughes concert.. Life sucked pretty much at that time :(

    Since I'm a rocker, I naturally first got into Glenn's music in Deep Purple. Burn was the big album for the first years of course...

    Then, after some time I started checking out more of Glenn's music.. I read everything I could get my hands on about him, and downloaded all the music I could, (Sorry about that, I bought the CD's afterwards of course) and found that everything this man's voice had ever touched is pure gold!

    I also finally managed to see Glenn live in Oslo in 2006, just after MFTD was released, and both the new record and the concert totally blew me away! What a charismatic person, what a voice (soulful, powerful, soft and hard at the same time) - and what awesome music! Glenn NEVER stopped evolving as a musician, and I'll have to say he's better than ever as a songwriter... Since then I've seen him once more, at Saltenbluesen in Fauske

    Glenn's music has been with me from that first moment, in good times and bad times! F.U.N.K was the soundtrack of my life this summer, and I can't even explain how important This Time Around was for me when I lost my father far too early last summer.... Actually, I was on a journey to go and see a Glenn Hughes play with Come Taste The Band far south in Norway when I got the terrible news, of course that's one show I never got to see :(

    Right now my favorite albums with Glenn are; You are the Music, Come Taste the Band and Music for the Divine, but I think all of them are great and the favourites change from time to time.

    Now I just realized this is far too much text for anyone, but I just couldn't stop writing when I'd started talking about how important Glenn's music has been to me. Thanks to anyone who bothered reading the whole thing! ;)

    Peace and love!
    Kai Joar

  • Thanks for sharing. Welcome aboard, officially, kaijoar. Glad you're not a guest anymore.


  • welcome as an official posting member here Kai. it's good to have you on board w/ us ( i guess that could be a pun). i hope that you enjoy all things Glenn here. keep on "searching" the site and you'll find more GH stuff than you ever thought existed.
    peas......... and cornbread,

  • ...........and when you get to read the many posts from the fans,
    you'll realize what a friendly, funny guy Glenn is, at the "Meet and Greet"
    sessions, after his shows.

    This will come in handy for you, when you see / hear Glenn in person.


  • Hello again guys, and thanks alot for all the feedback :) There are so many nice people in here, I sure can see that GH fans are generally warm & loving people... Just like Glenn himself seems to be! I hope I get to meet him someday.

    I've been away for some time since I did my first post, and not been able to post an answer before today, but now I'm sure I'm gonna post alot here on the forum, and I will use the search engine before I ask any stupid questions ;) (As one of my friends say: "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people!") :p

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