Pat Thrall 1973 Improvising Rock Guitar Vol. 1

  • I've got the 'cookin mama' album and I have to say, while there are a couple 'showcase' tracks for Thrall, most of it sounds like really dated hippie music, and is nowhere near the quality of his later output with automatic man. I think Thrall's playing took a big leap between 'cookin mama' and the first 'automatic man' album, as he was no doubt woodshedding with more fusion/jazz players or just generally praciticing a lot.

    I look forward to hearing this instructional records after I get my posts in!

  • I used to check this out from the library as a kid as often as they would let me. Had no idea who Glenn or Pat were at the time, but I loved the book and the record.

  • I have an original copy of this AWESOME book from 197x? Not sure exactly what year I bought it. Mine has Jimi Hendrix (the Master) on trhe cover. I wish I still had the record though...


  • This is a classic! Thank you for finding it. You rock!

    I can remember the day I got this book like it was yesterday, however, it was decades ago.

    Thank you for inspiring and teaching me.

    This book literally changed my life! It opened the door to guitar playing for me.

  • This is fantastic! I got this book in 1980 when I was 14 and learned how to play from it. I never thought I'd see it again after my "friend" gave it to someone. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. bring back memories. I still have the book. i used to have the floppy plastic record that came with it back in the old days.They just don't make them like that anymore. Looking forward to hearing it again.

  • Just looking at the price. When i bought it i was still at school. It was quite expensive for me but well worth it. Lucky if you can buy a beer for that money now. That's where i first learnt string bends. lol

  • I learned all the boxes from this book. Awesome book. I wish I could find mine. I gave it to a friend; but I can't remember who. That was the 70s dude!

    I learned the boxes too. It took me ages to remember them and seemed so hard at the time. How times change.