Pat Thrall 1973 Improvising Rock Guitar Vol. 1

  • I came across this lost gem today during my travels, "Improvising Rock Guitar Vol. 1", which was first published in 1973 and then reissued in 1981.

    It features Pat Thrall on guitar and members from his original San Francisco based band, "Cookin' Mama" accompanying him; Tom Thompson (Bass), Jesse Harms (keys) and his brother, Preston Thrall (drums). As you know, Jesse Harms, joined Pat and Glenn for some of their live Hughes/Thrall gigs in 1982.

    Of the 3 tracks included, there are 2 featuring Pat and the band, "Homage To Hendrix" and "Shaker".

    Enjoy :cool:

    Pat Thrall also recently made this available via his Facebook profile :thumbup:


    Improvising Rock Guitar Vol 1. Here is a link to files of the book & audio for those of you who have lost your version...

  • What an under-appreciated talent Pat Thrall is. Loved his playing from my first listen to 'Go For What You Know' back when it was first released... and I'm still searching for any instances of his performances. Thanks for posting this!

  • Thanks David! :)
    Like a little Xmas treat for the stocking! :thumbup:
    Just wish Pat would get his act together :(
    and put the 2nd H/T album out.


  • Man..Pat Thrall really kicked the Pat Travers Band to a whole new level. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone back in 1981 where Travers admitted that he actually got lazy as a guitarist because Pat Thrall was always ready to solo and burn it can't help but thinking that Pat Thrall's departure was the beginning of the decline for Pat Travers' fortunes.....well, one of several things.

    In the early 90's Pat Travers relates in a magazine article how he was all set to get that classic line up of players; Pat Thrall, Mars Cowling and Tommy Aldridge back together again. Unfortuantely Pat Thrall's mother passed away and the reunion never happened.

    Pat Thrall was on the short list as a replacement for Steve Hackett in Genesis along with Elliott Randall....but Daryll Stuermer got the gig and held it for the next 14 years.

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  • Improvising Rock Guitar was "The Book" back in my younger days.

    I wore that book/record out in the back in the '70s.
    Wish I had a copy now.

  • Hello there ! i'm new to the forum........and it's a long story to tell, how i arrive there....

    First of all i'm a huge fan of Glen & pat, but to be honest i was seeking desperately for the
    recording version of improvising rock guitar i bought in the 90's and due to several translocation i lost the small "plastic vinyl" and hoooo God it was the first edition of 1973 (my birth year!!!)...........So it seems that i need to post 10 messages to be able to dowload your files and hope it'll be the mp3 of the holy recordings!!!!!

    Could you please help me????

    thanks a lot and sorry for my "school english" i'm just a frog!!!!

    Bless you all. Pedro

  • Bring this one back in print!!, Feb 13 2008
    By Patrick Taylor (Canada) - See all my reviews
    Back when this book first came out, in the early `70s, I was just starting to learn guitar. I learned more useful stuff from this book than probably any other source, teacher, whatever. The lessons start out simple, but they teach a beginning guitarist what blues scale is, why it's so useful, and how it can be used for improvisation. Improvisation is the rock guitarist's stock-in-trade. If you can't step in to a song and start to create something original to compliment it, then you're pursuing the wrong pastime!

    Part one of the book is mainly scale and mode oriented. You learn basic licks and riffs. Part 2, things get complicated. Pat Thrall, the gifted guitarist who played alongside Pat Travers in his band, is your main instructor in this section. He teaches you about style, about how to follow a song's changes, and how to build from simple to flashy and complicated, without sounding like a wanker.

    The book came with a 33 RPM flexi-disc, back when it was first issued. Perhaps a reprint of this book could include a CD-ROM, or better yet, just put the whole book on CD_ROM!

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    Originally Posted by spraggins View Post
    Hi Guys,
    Can anyone help out with the sound files from the Improvising Rock Guitar flexi disc , would appreciate any help.My flexi disc is totally unplayable !


    So, you're looking for Improvising Rock Guitar, eh? Here's a link to the book + audio:

  • i think we should try to write to pat & to Green note to know if they save the movie from the recording session......and by the way the link above still active & work Alléluia

  • well if i bought the book and vinyl. i'd need to get something to play it on... its very instructional very informative very useful...good literature and good foundation...

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