UK Tour 2009 Setlist requests

  • If you were at the now, already, Legendary Robin2 show on September 20th 2008 you will remember a question asked during the Q&A session:

    "Would you consider bringing back songs from your earlier solo albums like I Dont Want To Live That Way Again".

    Glenn replied that yes he would and he promised to play that song when he next plays at the Robin. then he said that people should make requests and that "wolfy maybe you can sort it out via the website". cue everyone turning round to look at me! :eek: :lol:

    As the poll thing has a limited number of answers(although David feel free to "upgrade" this thread if you can :p) lets just say that you should suggest ONE song that he hasnt done before live or for a long time.

    So, to start, i'm going for a great song with a great groove, great riff and funky too!

    Talking To Messiah from Feel.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks Wolfy!! I have been staring at the board waiting for this. As the questioner suggested: I Don't Wanna Live That Way Again or for me it's Madelaine. I mentioned the second one in the interview for the Robin promo and made the point to Glenn that although it's on what is considered a "heavy" album (in more ways than one) it actually funks a bit too. Kind of the same ilke as Oil and Water.

    I like to see Glenn's music as not rock vs funk but a spectrum where everything is soulful, but the delivery is sometimes more hard edged or jazzy depending on the mood.

    Anyway it's great that Glenn is doing this. I guess he can't promise anything but it does give us a chance to play Fantasy Set List :)

  • You can't pick just one :eek: ;)

    Here's a few to chew on :p

    Jury Trapeze/Medusa
    L.A. Cutoff Play Me Out
    Pickin' Up The Pieces From Now On...
    Speak Your Mind Feel
    I'm Not Your Slave Addiction
    Too Far Gone The Way It Is
    What Is Your Role? Incense & Peaches
    Angela Return Of Crystal Karma
    Inside Building The Machine
    Isolation Soul Mover
    Dark Star Soul Mover
    Where There's A Will First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

    Oh and Golden One (Gabi's Song) Voodoo Hill/Voodoo Hill, although I doubt that one counts, as it would then open it up for a bunch of others :p

    But this main list will do for starters :D

  • A few tracks i would love to hear Glenn perform from his back catalogue

    Talk about it
    Blue Jade
    I dont want to live that way again
    From Addiction

    Big time
    Speak your mind
    From Feel

    Stoned in the temple
    The way it is
    From the way it is

    Dark Star
    She moves ghostly
    From Soulmover

    Written all over your face
    From Songs in the Key of Rock

    It makes you realise just how many great tracks Glenn has written over his career not including his work with Deep Purple and Trapeze


  • my first think is "Blue Jade" from Addiction but according to the actual set list music style I'm agree with Harry : Coffee and vanilla is a very very good choice !! :clapper: :clapper:

  • Crying For Love from Liesegang's No Strings Attached.

    Time Will Find The Answer from John Norum's Face The Truth.

    Probably not allowed but Glenn did co-write them and I'd love to see him play them.

  • touch my life, what is a woman's role, way back to the bone, however i really don't mind what glenn plays anymore because i think i've seen him play live the songs i want and any others are all on the internet so i reckon it would be interesting to see which songs glenn would pick without our influence. touch my life though from the medusa album would be top of the list for me though because i don't think i've seen that on any of his setlists anywhere, some of the notes on that song are awesome like where it goes, "i've been waitiiiiinnnng for >>SOOOOOO!!! LoonnG!

  • Too many to list. But if I have to choose just one its gotta be..........................................................................................................................Blue Jade ! :clapper: :thumbup:

  • When Glenn said that to Wolfy I was one who turned around to Wolfy - and thought ...................... BIG TIME! From Feel - thats the one I would like to hear - but also I would love to hear him do some obscure stuff such as Wild Dogs as a tribute to Tommy Bolin - wouldn't that be just fab? What about King Of The Western World - (has anyone ever played that song full pelt in the car on the way to work???? What you mean NO? TRY IT)


    The rock gets rockier - whilst the Funk gets Funkier!!! :lol:

  • Good job Wolfy

    LAcut off (play me out)

    Coffee & Vanilla + Push (Feel)

    Gasoline + Higher places (Key of rock)

    Higher ground (Stevie Wonder) - I love when big daddy play SW

    Jury (Medusa)

    & a tribute to T Bolin : "Shake the devil"

    :confused: Ohhhhh no Wolfy just ONE ....

    So l would say Coffee & Vanilla

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