• I've noticed that the Whitesnake album "Saints n Sinners" remaster has all the wrong pics throughout the sleeve, they're all photos of the "Slide It In" lineup... not one pic of the correct lineup for that album, what a joke!! who are the idiots that make these colossal f ups? :mad:

  • ha ha I'm sure Glenn got nothing to do with it!

    Why dontcha ask Ol' cov at his website?

    It was an album in transition with the Moody. Marsden, Murray, Lord & Paice line-up but with Mel Galley brought in on backing vocals.

    btw you from Hamilton, Ohio?

    I'm moving from The Netherlands to Bowling Green in Ohio....I'm told Steve Morse (DP) is from Hamilton.....

  • Hamilton, New Zealand!

  • I think the issue with the pictures is just another case of not having anyone close to the project working on it; I don't think David Coverdale had much input. Someone with a real love of the band would have seen that these details would have been correct instead of letting the teaboy be in charge of the layout and packaging.

    "Saints An' Sinners" is confusing enough, what with being mostly cut by one lineup, taken on the road by the next lineup and not even being issued in the States. So it comes as no surprise that things were fumbled a bit!

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