The Robin 2, Wolverhampton - Acoustic, Electric, Q&A

  • Sure looking forward to hearing all about this evening's very special gig in Wolverhampton :thumbup:

    Glenn mentioned earlier, he was planning on playing 5 songs electric tonight (the rest acoustic), plus he would be playing lead guitar, on "Coast To Coast" and "Superstition" and with some very special significance, as he'll be using Mel's very own "Black Beauty" (1968 Gibson Les Paul) :cool:


  • The gig last night was amazing! Glenn kicked ass!!!!:D

    He is soooo lovley!

    I asked him a question .. lol at him refering to the 'Cannock girl' thats me LOL

    i said 'What was it like for you growing up in & arround Cannock when you were a kid' as im kind of in the same boat as he was coz thats where i live!

    He is the greatet man ever! Glenn you rock!

  • For what is now nearly 36 years I've been hearing the line "I won't last...., without lovin' " in the song Will Our Love End. Glenn's clear enunciation of the line last night put me right. I've often wondered why the title didn't seem to feature in the song. Please feel free to call me dim, but it does change my perception of the song.

    It was a really good show. Fabulous Getting Tighter in the electric set with a great bass solo and "riding your range" section. My favourite version of that is on the 1974 Kilburn Space Trucking, but I reckon he equalled that last night. Other highlights were acoustic versions of Black Cloud and Holy Man. Holy Man had an introduction added that was part of a song on the first Trapeze album.

    The Q and A section was entertaining. Glenn kept telling us that we'll find out more in the book, so it should be a good read when it comes out. Good to hear that he still gets on well with David Coverdale.

  • I have seen Glenn 20 time's or so over the year's and to my eye's and ear's last night was the GREATEST show I have ever seen him put on. The pure emotion coming from Glenn was caught by everyone in attendance. Highlight's of the night, which is going to be hard as the whole set was incredible, were, 'I Found A Woman', and the best version of 'This Time Around' I have ever heard. 'Seaful' and an electric 'Coast To Coast' from the Trapeze catalogue with Glenn playing Mel's Les Paul were simply awsome. Stevie's 'Superstition' had Glenn paying homage to one of his hero's, and if you closed your eyes you would of believed Stevie was on stage alongside Glenn and the band it was that good. 'Gettin' Tighter' and 'This Time Around' from CTTB rounded off what was a show that is going to take some beating. A few minor gliche's with Glenn's bass near the end didn't detract from what most who were in attendance will agree, was a one of a kind gig.

  • And the set list was.....

    Acoustic set :
    Black cloud
    I found a woman
    It's about time
    Will our love end
    This time around
    Holy man

    Q & A

    Electric set :
    Coast to coast
    Gettin' tighter
    You keep on moving

    Glenn played Coast to coast & Superstition on Mel's Black Beauty (yes, we have pictures...tons of pictures...). That was amazing !

    In fact the whole show was amazing. Glenn was superb.
    I'll try and write a longer review this week.

    Hope everyone got back home safely. It was really cool to see you all :thumbup:


  • Those pictures are just stunning.....just makes me want to upgrade my digital camera! And how cool is it that Glenn played Mel's "baby" onstage that night? I got a tear in my eye just seeing the pictures of Annette Galley at the must have been a very touching moment for those lucky enough to be there that night..a very special homecoming!

    To Lee and Jerome....thanks for the fabulous pictures! :thumbup: :cool:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • This is review which has been sent to the website Get Ready To Rock. Thank you for these great photos. I may be mugging one or two of them and credits will be given. Let me know if you'd rather not have them used. You read it here first folks:-

  • I may be mugging one or two of them and credits will be given. Let me know if you'd rather not have them used.

    Keith, you can use as many pictures as you want. If you want us to send you a CD of all the pictures, just give me you address and I'll do it this week.

    A big thank you, man. This review is absolutely great. No need for me to write one :lol:


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