Orlando 2004 Pix & Clips

  • Fantastic...thanks everyone for the great pictures, reviews and especially the film clips - Foxy Lady is my favourite so far

    Pat who? I'm so happy to see JJ managed to get some of the limelight, it's about bloody time!! Both Chad and Glenn seem like perfect partners to me. More of the same please

    Look forward to hearing/seeing more and next time, I really will make the effort and get myself over there!!

  • LOved the pic of Vinnis...just to burst the bubble--she was a hooker!!!
    She gave everyone a shot at some point on Thursday night.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • The show was magnificent, and the reviews here did do it justice. One of the finer efforts by anyone I have seen in the past few years. The band really played well together and sounded like they'd been doing this for decades.
    You could easily pick out those there to see Glenn and Co., while there were way too many "look at me I am here" types littered into the crowd. Got asked three or four times "who are these guys" by people in the crowd.
    Truly enjoyable evening although the NYC prices in the bar were a tad out of whack, and the $9.00 frozen slab of dough called pizza at the Beach Bar is still laying somewhere in my stomach. Would do it again and again though coz it's about the music!!! and the music was wonderful.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I noticed none of you yahoos made it up to the Club Level when you were here (you shouldn't have been able to unless you were paying a boatload of money), so you missed the wall of honor for Glenn.

    Prominently displayed in the main rotuda of that floor (across from the Sonny and Cher display case and the Club Lounge) is the "Voice of Rock Wall".

    It's not completely finished but you get the idea. If anyone has anything especially cool to add to it let me know (I'll consult w/the impartial curator...me). If it meets the test I'll have it framed and mounted.

    The photograph in the pic reads, "To the Hard Rock Hotel, may all who sleep here have sweet dreams", Glenn Hughes.

    Saw Glenn this morning before his flight out and he said he had....

    It was good seeing you folks again and glad many had a good time. Hope to see you all again (except for Frank who is neither invited back for overpriced drinks or lead belly pizza).

    Rock & Roll, Lou

  • Hi Lou - first off, many thanks for taking care of everyone again this year and for making it another unforgettable couple of days in Orlando.

    Now....don't be a stranger around here, join in the fun from time to time

    I tried in vain to get upstairs for a look-see, but the lift wasn't having it, I guess it was malfunctioning right at that moment

    Maybe see you in June, but if not, hope you'll join us here from time to time.


  • Hey people...just wanted to let you know that a new member has joined the group. My name is Bill V. I've been into Glenn since the HUGHES THRALL and Seventh Star days.I was one of the lucky people at the Orlando show last week. Flew in from New Jersey.I bumped into Shirean after the show and she gave me a GHPG business card.So when i returned home i had to check out this website.This is a great website.Excellent photos from the show.(I have some that I may post someday).I've been at this site before but I never registered in the fan forum.(my mistake).Well now I am registered and just want to say hi.Catch you guys later...peace

  • Thanks for all the pictures and clips - this must have been a fantastic show, wish I could have been there.


    Originally posted by David:

    For all of you in Spain, Glenn is on his way right now to the Vina Rock festival that takes place tomorrow in Villarrobledo, where he is the special guest of Rata Blanca - I don't know how he does it - then he gets right back here to Orlando on Sunday for some well earned rest

    As for the gig (?) in Spain - I will try to contact Reinhard the day after tomorrow, that's as far as I remember when he's going to be back here in Vienna.

    Yet as we know him, he will be posting pics first thing after his return.

  • Where do I possibly start?

    The details of the set list have been covered in detail and I will dispense with the hour-by-hour account of my every move. I would much rather sit here and just reflect back on not only this past show but the past year in general....There have been quite a few personal changes in my life in the past year i.e. losing my job, going back to school to retrain for a new career and now looking to start a whole new advenure that is this life!

    Last year, I found this site after being directed here from glennhughes.com if memory serves me correctly. I heard about the Velvet Sessions show and quickly signed on..I had never seen Glenn in concert, let alone meet him and the whole atmosphere of the Hard Rock Hotel promised to be a fabulous time...I had no idea just how incredible it would be...

    First off, I would like to give a thunderous Las Vegas style standing ovation for our host with the most...Lou Carrier!! As a general manger of a hotel, I know how busy he is..but he has gone out of his way to make all of us GHCP's feel at home and he took a lot of time out of his VERY busy schedule to make both of these Velvet Sessions a truly unforgettable experience!! And he is as big a fan as anyone here....he gets as much of a charge out of this as we do!! Lou...I will never forget your generosity and enthusiasm....You are the man!!

    And let us not forget the couple behind the scenes that tirelessly keep this site the treasure trove of memorabilia and great people that it is....take a bow David and Shirean Harrison!! Thank you both for all that you do to make all of us feel part of something that can't be bought anywhere..I raise my pint high to both of you!!

    I am flashing back on a March evening last year, sitting with several new friends in the Velvet Lounge, sharing stories..and then he walked in...The man who has brought us all together here...I remember the butterflies in my stomach..thinking "Oh my God..there he is..I've been listening to his music for 20 years..and he is here!" No rock star attitude here...He sat with us in the Lounge for the next 3 hours and made us feel at home and was so generous and funny....a raconteur supreme...He really appreciates what lengths we all go to in order to see him play...To Glenn Hughes I say this; Thank you for showing us that the Man is ten times taller than any Myth! I am so honored to have made your acquaintance!

    Which brings me to the next part of the tale...I was at the grocery store earlier and had to pick up a few things..you can buy tomato sauce..and detergent...and eggs...but you can't buy CHEMISTRY!! The point of all this, you ask? Hold on..I'm getting there!

    I have read several interviews with Glenn and he recounts how music industry people and rock mag writers have said something along the lines of "Hey Glenn..why don't you work with *insert name of big name guitarist here*??" And that it really pisses him off...and rightly so, when you have the tremendous talent and partner in musical alchemy that is JJ Marsh!! The night before this year's show, a group of us were in the Lounge talking with JJ. Somehow, the conversation got around to how this would be JJ's first proper gig in the US..JJ said something about people not knowing who he was, to which I replied; "After tomorrow night, they will know who you are!" JJ was genuinely touched by that...what a huge talent he is and such a kind, funny spirit he is! And on that stage the following night, he DELIVERED!!! That's what is all about folks..you can't bottle the chemistry that Glenn, JJ, Chad Smith and Ed Roth displayed on that stage. Those who were there know what I am talking about!

    To Chad Smith and Ed Roth..the Boss Beat and the Wizard Of The Keys...for adding your huge talents to the mix...You guys RULE!!!

    And let us not forget the friends I have made and new acquaintances I have had the pleasure to make in the past year...Kenny and Carolyn,the dynamic duo of Chip and Todd,The four Marks, LA Mark, NY Mark, Texas Mark, English Mark, Chris Mazzeo, Vinnis, "Famous Mike", Kat, Fedor, John H, Danny and Christy, and so many others that escape me at the moment..but who will reappear in my brain the next day when I am washing the dishes..To Glenn's partners in musical mayhem last year; Gary Ferguson, Jeff Kollman and Dave "Rick James' Mary Jane is the greatest drug song ever written" Schulz....to the staff of the Hard Rock Hotel who do such an incerdible job...

    And a final tip of the cap to the Lady In Red and fitness guru Tony Little....all I could think was; "Dude..you look so much taller on TV!!"

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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