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  • I wonder where I can find a complete CD discography ? As there's a lot of different pressage for some albums, who can let me know the differences between them and what are the best reissues, in terms of sound (original tapes ?), mastering, booklets, bonus tracks... Thanks for your help !

  • The latest version of Medusa on ORK records is a definite upgrade in sound on the Threshold version. I asked this question a while ago and this was the answer I got and it is correct.

    Apart from that I'm not sure that there is much choice. You may just have to buy what you can get hold of. As far as I know my cds of the other albums are the original releases and they all sound fine. (My Threshold Medusa sounded fine until I bought the new one).

    There is a discography here:…gpfqxql5ldhe~T2

  • I had the Japanese versions of "Hot Wire" and "Dead Armadillos" and later bought the One Way versions of these recordings. It's a toss up on the live CD but the One Way version of "Hot Wire" sounds way better than the Japanese version. I also have the One Way version of the 1976 self titled LP and that sounds just fine. I picked up the gold Cleopatra version of "Hold On" and have always enjoyed that too.

    I heard great things about the recent Japanese blink-and-you-missed it box set of the Threshold CD's....perhaps "You Are The Music" will get the million mile treatment that "Medusa" just received.

    Wounded Bird will release a two-fer of "Trapeze" and "Hot Wire" next month. Pick it up. They have done great work.

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  • I was going to post the catalog numbers for the different releases that I have in my collection, but can't find the time. So I'll just say that the booklets on the Threshold releases are minimal, no pages to speak of, just opens up one time, with info on the band. The booklet on the OneWay release of Hot Wire is noting at all. It opens up to a list of other One Way releases.

    Purple Pyramid's Limited Editon Gold Disc Series also come with the lyrics on a small fold-out poster with text about the band in Japanese and lyrics in English.

    Have to agree with Chutsler...the Japanese Box Set is way cool with mini reproductions of the original albums. The fist album and Medusa are mini gatefolds :thumbup:



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