• As you would of seen in Glenn's latest video message to us all, English guitarist, Tony Remy, is joining Glenn and band for a couple of upcoming live dates...the first being at the Classic Rock 'N' Blues Festival (het SPOOR) in Harelbeke, Belgium on Saturday, September 13th and the second the following week at the special electric/acoustic/Q&A gig at The Robin in Wolverhampton, UK on Saturday, September 20th.



    After that, Luis Maldonado returns and will play both the Spanish and Russian run :cool: And before you ask.....JJ is on hiatus.

  • thanks for the info. David. we welcome tony to the family. i'm sure that he will fill in well. Papa G. sure does know how to pick 'em. also, we all wish JJ well. if history is any indicator, he'll be back in camp before too long. i'm guessing that Jeff had some other obligations ?

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