• just for fun, while i'm killing a few mins. @ work, a few guesses for the title of G.'s new book;
    1) This ship ain't sinkin'
    2)Til they lay my body down
    and my favorite
    3) Let me introduce myself, in case you didn't know
    just some food for thought

  • Glenn gave us a big clue that the book's title
    can be found in a Glenn Hughes' song's lyrics.
    Who says that all of our annoying nagging hasn't paid off?

    However, after checking all GH song lyrics, ;)
    I can report that there is NOT any GH song with the words:

    "I had to write this au-to-bi-og-ra-feeeeeeee
    Or my fans are gonna' come after meeeeeee."


    All kidding aside, if we had had a pretend "Name the Book" contest,
    it would have been fun. But I'm willing to bet that the real book title
    comes from the numerous lyrics that would have made a great title, from:
    "I don't want to live that way again."

    (Listen to, or read these lyrics, and you'll see what I mean.)



  • Somebody out there knows what it is! I recall going through all the album sleeves trying to figure this one out! I know it will be appropriate and carefully chosen whatever it is.......... xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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