3 Pat Travers Albums out soon!

  • hello.
    i found "radiocactive", "black pearl" and "hot shot" on amazon.co.uk and .de!
    preordered them instantanious.
    they were never released on cd before.
    they come from lemon (trapeze, automatic man), but there's no update on their site.
    some basic information on the albums is found on pattravers.com.
    hope someone else has some more information on the releases.


  • good news indeed !! thoses are the 3 that i don't have. i lost my records of those years back, so outside of a song or 2 on various collections, i haven't heard some of that stuff in a long time. i used to burn up side 1 of radioactive. thanks for the heads up.

  • watch out guys

    I got a CD by that label of Vinegar Joe (Elkie Brooks & Robert Palmer)....I can rip LP's better an make a CD out of it better than they can...

    Maybe they came up with something good this time

  • Black Pearl was one of my favorite LP's in the eighties . I hope the sound quality of the CD is good . I will order one . Thanks for posting this , Michael !! :thumbup:

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  • These 3 CD's have never been available anywhere even in Japan. The first two CD's "Pat Travers" and "Makin' Magic" were the subject of complaints from Amazon customers in their reviews regarding the CD transfer. I don't see the big problem in licensing the masters from Polygram (or was it Polydor?) and doing it right the way that One Way Records did with the 2 CD combo of "Puttin' It Straight" and Heat In The Street".

    I'll hold back and let someone do the sonic Pepsi challenge before I drop the cash on them.

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  • Hi there,

    Here there are more informations about this 3 releases!

    - Radio Active : Criminally overlooked until now, this ‘lost’ classic album finally gains a long-overdue re-assessment and in so doing, gains a first-ever appearance on CD.

    - Black Pearl : Regarded by many fans as one of his finest albums, Black Pearl (1982) perfectly demonstrates why the Canadian born guitarist/vocalist also regards this release as a high water mark in his recording career.

    - Hot Shot : Originally released in April 1984, Hot Shot was to be the last studio album of the Eighties for the Canadian guitar maestro and as such, is the final instalment
    in our triplex of lost classic P.T. albums.

    Check out these releases at : http://cherryred.co.uk/lemon/artists/pattravers.htm

    Feel free to contact us for more informations.

  • Welcome to the Forum, Marie (Cherry Red). I hope this is not your sole posting here!

    Although I'm an avid Cherry Red Label Group buyer, especially Esoteric Records (got National Head Band - Albert 1 only today!) and The RPM Mood Mosaic Series, I'll stick to the good old vinyl in this case ;)
    I don't have a copy of Hot Shot though. Is it good?
    The front sleeve probably distracted me from buying it? :D

    Just in case if you wonder. That's not Pat's hair. It's part of the archway in the background... ;)


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