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  • Another convert and just as much for George as Glenn But an excellent review from the Vegas show and great to hear how well he was received by someone, who until then, was not an avid fan, such as ourselves!


    By: Tanya Vece
    Courtesy: The Horse Chronicles E-Zine

    On April 12th, 2004 (a Monday night) I saw the best show of my life. It was Glenn Hughes at The Palms doing a rare acoustic set with Chad Smith, George Nastos and Dan Dugan. Glenn's performance wasn't a stadium show, it wasn't booked at a hot venue like The Viper Room, and it wasn't even well publicized. Needless to say I left "The Lounge" that night a huge fan, not only of Glenn's but also of George Nastos.

    Who is Glenn Hughes? I am not the youngest hen on the farm, but I am still under thirty and my knowledge of Glenn Hughes was limited. Pulling up to The Palms I knew I was going to see "The guy from "Smoke Colored Water". Never did I imagine I would walk out of the show thinking "Glenn Hughes is genius!". Hughes is an astonishing bass player. He played with Deep Purple until 1976 and then launched a solo career that spans all the way to the present. Glenn is best known for his diverse sound world-wide. Nevertheless, after asking some of the fans in his audience prior to show time, Glenn is really known for his "Funk"!

    Also, joining Glenn Hughes on stage was the greatest guitar player you will never hear of . That is Mr. George Nastos. This man is amazing, wait, I take that back - he is better then amazing! There are no valid words large enough to describe the amount of talent George has. Nastos played acoustic guitar and just jammed the hell out of Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious". At one point George jumped on the bongos and was just as remarkable! His technique on the guitar matched that of Glenn Hughes on bass.

    The unfortunate thing about George Nastos is he is impossible to track down! (PS. If anyone knows George Nastos, please have him contact me, Tanya Vece. I want to sign him to a PR contract - no charge). I have contacted managers, agents, publicists, Lark Williams, and even consulted the internet trying to get background information on him for this article . The most info I got is George played rhythm guitar for 80's pop star Tiffany on tour last year, in addition to working with Glenn Hughes. I wish now I didn't spend so much time talking with Chad after the show and had a chance to interview George. How Nastos is not a rock legend by now is beyond me. His talent outweighs that of any other guitarist, including Clapton and Hendrix. If you ever hear "George Nastos is playing here tonight." and you think "Who?", don't make a mistake - go see him! Nastos is a rock God and that fact cannot be disputed after witnessing him play live. I wish I could tell you where he was playing next, but like I said, the man is impossible to track down!

    Joining Hughes and Nastos was Dan Dugan (on guitar) who was incredible. He conveyed a feeling of relaxed cool to the audience through his histrionic talent. On drums was Chad Smith (of Red Hot Chili Pepper fame) . What more can I say about Chad Smith? Chad Smith is Chad Smith. A legend, a funny man, and a proven ass-kicking drummer!

    What I was partial to the most about the Glenn Hughes show was its feel. Glenn Hughes has such a great sincere energy to him that it acts like some hypnotic emulsion between himself and the crowd. After Glenn's first song, I got the feeling he would be shaking hands with everyone in the crowd by the time the show was done, and HE DID!

    The element of surprise also added wonders to the atmosphere. On a Monday night inside a lounge that seats only one hundred people, no one would ever expect to have Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith in such an intimate environment. The Palms made it work. The crowd was a mix of ages. Some people were in their twenties, some in their thirties, some in their forties and some in their fifties. I took my Mom to the show, who was having an even better time then I.

    Glenn's music is able to span the test of time though multiple generations. This is something not many people have or will ever accomplish. It was a beautiful thing to see all those generations throwing the "Rock n'Roll" sign in the air, dancing with each other and singing along to the brilliant acoustic versions of cover songs, Deep Purple songs and also originals by Hughes.

    Glenn rocked the joint. He plays bass like no other human I have ever seen, and I love Flea of the Chili Peppers. Until I saw Glenn Hughes play, no one was convincing me that Flea wasn't God. Well, now I admit to it. Glenn Hughes is king of the bass guitar and I am hereby dethroning Flea. (Yeah I know, I am late. Others have realized this fact way before me, but better late then never!).

    If you ever have the chance to see Glenn Hughes play live, GO! You are not a music fan if you miss this man play live. Glenn Hughes is a true pillar in the entertainment community. He is a fabulous example of someone who enjoys making music and performing it live. He has an accomplished ear for sound, a magnetic allure on stage and a mystic way of making everyone in the audience feel like they are part of his band.

    I went to see Glenn Hughes play on a Monday night because I had nothing else to do and I wasn't expecting too much from the show . In fact, I didn't really expect to be going to the show. I had to grab a one time use camera just to cover it, that is how much of a last minute thing this show really was! I left Glenn's show a huge fan. Since the Glenn Hughes show , I have had to tell everyone I come into contact with about it. Each person looks at me like I am rediscovering Texas, but hey - the show was the best I have ever seen. Anyone who knows me, and knows of my involvement and knowledge in the music industry, will tell you I have never spoken those words before in my life - not even for Bowie!

  • This was a wonderful review, written by Glenn Hughes' MOM.

    Ya' think she enjoyed the show? Ya' think?

    OK, nobody tell her about the 4 page print-out that you get
    when you go to Glenn's Discobiography at
    where the total cost of buying ALL the Glenn Hughes CD's is 87 million dollars.

    Or the photos of GH and George Nastos that she can get
    from the memorabilia section here.
    Why do I have a feeling that her favorite GH album will be "Feel"??

    Welcome to the "Glenn Hughes Crazy People" family, Tanya.
    We feel exactly the same way that you do. Nobody else like GH!!!!!

    Todd....I always enjoyed "Smoke Colored Water"
    but never as much as "You Keep On Canoeing".....

  • Excellent review, Tanya. The passion behind your words reminds me of the first time I saw Glenn live, and yes, 'Texas rediscovered' or so it seemed, the way I talked and talked and talked about his voice, his performances, HIM!

    We get the distinct impression you enjoyed the show!


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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