Vegas Highlights

  • Despite her plane being delayed over 2 hours, Shirean managed to catch the last few songs of Glenn's performance tonight in the Palapa Lounge at The Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

    More tomorrow from her and others, but briefly....joining GLENN onstage this evening were Chad Smith, Jeff Kollman, Kevin DuBrow, along with George Nastos and Danny Dugan. As it turned out, it was an all electric set and not acoustic as initially billed.

    The full setlist tomorrow...but some of the songs played included Coast To Coast, Mistreated, Gettin' Tighter, You Keep On Moving, What's Going On (Marvin Gaye cover with Kevin DuBrow) with an encore of Superstition and "Funk" On The Water.

    There were many other GHCP in attendance for the sold out show, so we should hear the full scoop shortly, plus some cool pix, of course

  • Last night was a great show, indeed! As Chip, Angie and I arrived at The Palms we were greeted by the 100-foot high Palms marquee, which announced in HUGE letters "Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple". Nice. There was already a fair bit of a line outside the Palapa Lounge; we took our place and were promptly joined by Mark, who was visiting from Rochester. When the venue opened and we all filed inside we were seated in a circular showroom with table seating. The stage was set for an electric performance, with fog and stage lights, as well as homey touches like living room lamps and sofas. The opening band Newfield was alright. I wouldn't be inclined to buy their CD, but they sounded good and were very enthusiastic about opening for Glenn. The singer also hinted that Glenn had a few guests with him.

    That he did. When the curtain opened we were serenaded by Glenn, George Nastos and Dan Dugan, Chad Smith and Jeff Kollman. The band opened with "Stormbringer", then segued into the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody". Kevin DuBrow hopped onstage to sing backup and play out his Ian Gillan bongo fantasy on "What's Goin' On", and then GH played a really nice version of "Whiter Shade of Pale". "Coast to Coast", "Mistreated", "Gettin Tighter", "You Keep on Moving" and "Funk on the Water" rounded out the set, as David already pointed out. Glenn's vocal breakdown at the end of "Mistreated" was a treat - screams in all the right places, but very controlled and tasteful. The band left the stage after FOTW, and came back with an encore of "Superstition". Jeff Kollman played some nice lead fills throughout the set, especially on "Getting Tighter", and George Nastos showed he can really funk it up on an acoustic guitar. Jeff and George seemed to play really well off each other. Chad played much like he did for the DVD shoot - balls out.

    After the show, Glenn and the guys hung around to chat with people. And get this - Glenn had merchandise for sale! Yep, you read that right - classic photos, the Days of Avalon video, CD's...and Glenn made sure to talk to every last person who wanted to shake his hand or have him sign a breast. Sadly, neither Chip or John Harjo got a photo of that to post

    Shirean did arrive about halfway through the set. We got to talk to her briefly after the set, before she ran off. We left Glenn with a promise to see him in Orlando in two weeks' time, and headed out into the casino to find a bar for a round or two.

    In short, great show. Fans travelled from England, Japan, Sweden, New York (Mark), LA (JohnH) and Phoenix (Chip) to be there. Me, I'm a lucky bastard. I drove about ten miles to be there

    Cheers to you all, and on behalf of Chip who's sitting right here, we hope to see many of you in Orlando!


    PS It occurred to me while watching the show last night - and seeing the cameras and video monitors with fantastic fading in, cutting away and close-ups - that THIS particular venue would have been ideal for the shooting of Glenn's DVD earlier this year.

  • Ah well the latin view from behind wasn't too bad either. Here's the full setlist in order, back with a report later:

    1. Stormbringer
    2.To Love Somebody (Bee Gees)
    3. What's Goin On (Marvin Gaye)
    4. Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)
    5. Coast to Coast
    6. Mistreated
    7. Gettin Tighter
    8. You Keep On Movin
    9. Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
    10. Funk on the Water
    11. No solo tunes (again)

  • Hi all,

    I'm back from the "City of Sin"

    WOW, that was the fastest trip I have ever made to see Papa!

    I arrived 2 hours late due to my plane being delayed in SF...I didn't get to The Palms 'til 10pm! To my surprise when I checked in, they told me that my room was "On The House" I said "COOL!", that makes up for my plane being delayed.

    Then I sprinted towards the "Lounge", I walked in and JohnH spotted me and quickly escorted me to my seat - thanks John, Todd and Chip for the seat.
    Glenn and the boys sounded great - I was so happy to see Chad, Jeff, George onstage with him

    All in all, I think everyone had a great evening of music from Glenn - it was great to see you all again!

    'til next time,

    After seeing Glenn, Gabi, Chad and Nancy - off I headed for my room and low and behold they put me in the "Hugh Hefner Suite" - FREE of charge for the night - I almost fainted when I opened up the door - enjoy the pix!

    Danny Dugan, GLENN, Chad Smith and George Nastos

    Chad, George and Jeff Kollman

    Danny, GLENN, Chad and George

    Danny and GLENN


    GLENN and Kevin DuBrow post-show

    The Master Bedroom in the "Hugh Hefner Suite" at The Palms

  • Thanks everyone - once again, all your reports made me feel like I was there too. The sign featuring Glenn's name is great, now that is how it is supposed to be done

  • I agree with you completely Paul.
    I feel as if I was there, too.
    Thanks to everybody for the reports and pictures.

    Maybe next time, the sign will say "The Voce of Rock."
    And maybe the sign could be bigger......

    PS....message to Chip:
    If Gabi beats Glenn to death, it will be YOUR FAULT!!!

  • No worries there, Grace. Gabi got a big kick out of the young lady's request, and was laughing as Glenn obliged her

    The rest of us just stared.


  • What a treat to see Glenn's acoustic show in Vegas…as I pulled into the venue it was so cool to see his name on the marquee, and not only that as the photos indicated, but he was also featured on the other flashy marquee above it, (the one with flashy color pics and graphics) including a BTM photo! I get to the venue, the intimate Palapa lounge, and opener Newfield are on stage. The singer sounds a lot like Glenn, so I think he's already on's.but thankfully not. Hitting the stage with Stormbringer, the band sounds tight, and Glenn's voice is on form after his just finished two month tour with HTP. Even more amazingly, he's not tired out looking but sounds just as good as last week with HTP, where his voice was strong both nights. What a treat to get to hear Glenn again with Chad, we had no idea he was going to drum at this show. I notice he's using those drum sticks that drummers use to play quieter, because my drummer on my Wed-Thurs gig uses them. They sort of look like bamboo sticks wrapped together. But one thing, Chad seems just as loud as at the DVD when he was playing with regular sticks!!! He relates later the quiet sticks didn't quite work out, cause it was like beaver's working away back there. These drumsticks tend to fly apart fast. With the RandB classics What's Goin On, Superstition and the Bee Gee's Love Somebody in the set, it's great to hear Glenn getting back to his roots again. Whiter Shade of Pale is also amazing again. Mistreated is still as awesome as it was last week. With George Nastos getting in some cool chicken picking Steve Morse type licks in the middle solo. The ending is also pretty cool still. With the atmospheric words "I've been Mistreated, I've been Mistreated", building up with the "I don't know which way I'm going". Great stuff. It was great to hear Jeff Kollman again, who mostly played electric guitar, but not cranked up distorted. Kevin Dubrow came up to play percussion on a couple of songs, and later it was cool talking with him, and getting the scoop on which member of Quiet Riot was the problem. Every night at a GH show is special and inspiring , what a unique show this was, too bad it was just a bit on the short side. Oh and another thing as has been said here before, It's a shame that GH's solo songs are so often ignored in favor of the DP classics and Coast to Coast. I still love the older stuff, but GH has really made his mark with his solo stuff. More more more, Por Favor!

  • Awesome - the reviews, the photos, the BILLBOARDS and as Paul rightly states, that is EXACTLY how it should be done!

    And Chip, if Lea has put YOU in the doghouse (thanks for the mammaries ), perhaps you could wear one of those new doggy tee-shirts whilst you're in there?

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Shirl,
    I'm usally in the dog house that comment had no repercussions.

    Those dog shirts are cool...will have to get one for Chuy.


  • Sounds like a great show! Wish I could've been there but life just keeps getting in the way!!!

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • Glenn should look into releasing his Palms performance on DVD. Stephen Pearcy has just released a DVD of his Palms performance from February, using the house video feed. It looks fantastic!

    And guess who his band was? JRZ System! (This will mean something to a few of you.)


  • Some of the shows are available at a price via a web stream. You can watch the January performance from Don Dokken featuring Kelly Keeling and Timothy Drury, by visiting here:…00001&ac=100001&bc=100001

    It was free a couple of months ago, but since then, you now have to pay for a minimum of 1 months access....$9.95.

    Were the cameras rolling last week?

  • Yeah, they were rolling, I'm only assuming they were recording also. Hard to think they were'nt recording and not just feeding it to the big screens. That would be THE show to have a video of, excellent stuff.


  • Especially if most of the feeds so far are playable at that streaming site for a fee...hell, if anyone should be getting a fee for the show, why not Glenn in the form of a DVD?


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