Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp Summer Tour 2008

  • I guess this is my way of introduction, as I'm new here. I'm very pleased to be here.

    Last week at Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp was one of the highlights of my life. I was just a fly on the wall, as my son was actually the one coached by Mr. Hughes and Mr. Mark Hudson. My son spent the better part of the day learning, jamming and hanging out with two of the masters of rock n roll. Pinch me - I still can't believe it.

    Extreme is one of my favorite bands, and the show with Kings X would have been awesome by itself. My boy always liked Extreme, but has recently learned to play many of their tunes on the guitar. (I'm so jealous!)

    My son's first live performance, first time really playing with a band was with Glenn Hughes playing bass and Mark Hudson on guitar. There were three other campers in their band. I was so touched, I cried like I was in church. My boy hadn't even ever heard the song they played first! They were on stage opening for Kings X and Extreme. It was truly a fantasy/dream come true.

    My kid can play guitar, but how do you tell Glenn Hughes you can play guitar? My son did a great job and I was so proud and thankful and overwhelmed.

    What an honor that Mr. Hughes made sure to meet me - even though it was time to entertain his guests. He signed all the memorabilia I brought, and gave me a hug, and let my boy take pictures of us. He was very gracious, patient and kind.

    Trapeze was always one of my top favorite bands, since I was a young girl. I was so excited to see Mr. Hughes' name on the list, I called and signed my boy up.

    Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp was worth every penny. I'm deeply grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity for my son (and me.) I'm going to be sure he can go again sometime if he wants to. He got an extra shot of motivation and inspiration. The event was unlike any other either of us had been to.

    I'm still smiling.

    I really enjoyed the video message elsewhere on this site. Thank you for a wonderful fan site! Bravo!

    With pleasure,
    amygdala (proud mom)

  • i just wanted to make sure i welcomed amy to the site. what a wonderful time that must have been for you and your son. a great story to tell now and always. you have now learned what we here at have known for a long time; glenn hughes is the real deal a class act in every way and on every day. just take a look around this site, and you will find so many examples of glenn's graciousness to his family of fans here. i have to throw in the time that glenn got sick and had to change a concert date. it cost/caused me money and heartache. knowing this (as i made it clear w/ my posts :) ) glenn got my phone # and personally called me at home and at work just to tell me how sorry he was (for being sick!!). it made it that much more special when i did see him and met w/ him backstage. he remembered me from being at another concert the previous year that i had brought my daughter to.
    i don't know if it's a line in one of his songs or not, but that could easily be a good title for his upcomming book..."the real deal"
    luv ya G.

  • Great story amygdala and welcome to all things GH.

    How old is your son? And imagine - when he's famous and is asked 'who was your first gig with?' :cool:

    Would be lovely to see some of your photos some time.


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • still digging the fact that i got to see glenn-the voice and the bass playing right in front of me!!!!!!!! i can still hear it :clapper:


  • glad you had a chance to make it tony. there's nothing like seeing papa G. playing live . i can't wait until my next time seeing G. . hopefully , we here in the states will have that privalage again soon as the inevitable leg of the U.S. tour will be kicking in. ( there REALLY is going to be such a thing, isn't there? ) we certainly understand that it's a big world out there, and everyone wants to (and deserves) a chance to see big daddy, but we are (very respectfully) way over due for what is going to be the best, most successfull glenn hughes tour the states have ever seen.
    if you play it, they ( we ) will come.
    peas & luv

  • Here's a link to a blog posting from Todd Skaggs - turns out he's the lucky guy who won the RRFC "5 day Platinum Rock Star Tour Package", so he got to attend 5 of the camps, all expenses paid!

    He reports on his time at the various camps he attended, that included the final night in Los Angeles. Of interest, he was in Glenn's bands for the San Francisco and Los Angeles camps :cool:…los-angeles-aug-26th.html

  • I just thought I'd reply to this thread (since my blog is the one that's referenced). Yes, I did win the grand prize and was lucky enough to have Glenn as my camp counselor for both San Francisco and L.A.

    Although the sets were the same in both cities, I was surprised at the different type of energy Glenn brought to each camp.

    It was truly an honor and gift to be able to work with such a talented musician and amazing man.


  • What an honor that Mr. Hughes made sure to meet me -
    even though it was time to entertain his guests.
    He signed all the memorabilia I brought, and gave me a hug,
    and let my boy take pictures of us. He was very gracious, patient and kind.

    Yep Amy, that's our boy.
    On stage (in my opinion) there's nobody else like Glenn Hughes.
    The man owns the building, and can easily blow the roof off.
    Offstage, during the "meet and greet" get Joe Normal.
    Polite, patient with the fans, and very funny.

    Welcome to the fun house.
    It won't take you too long to figure out why we're called ~
    The Glenn Hughes Crazy People.


  • That's a Peavey Scorpio bass that Glenn is playing in the videos posted from the Nashville show. I believe it's Dave Ellefson's bass as he was also performing that night. The sound in person was awesome.

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