My daughter on TV!

  • Nope, not arrested for helping out Mom :axe:

    The cops haven't figured out yet, that we done it.........
    But as part of my daughter's evil plan to avoid police detection
    she pretends to be a supervisor for the central Florida locations
    of "Kinder Kare."
    (A nation-wide US company of child care centers.)

    Although she lives near Orlando, she was in Tampa, Florida, this week,
    and the local TV station - channel 10 - had a story on:
    "Bay area tykes exercise for a future of good health."

    While the instructor, Courtney, is directing the kids in their routines,

    my daughter, DIANA PALEN, makes a few comments to the camera
    about children and health, and you'll get to see some really cute
    "little potatoes" marching around, as they do these exercises.

    (Diana is wearing a black suit, with a green collar blouse, and too much eye make-up.
    -----> I love the fact that although a Florida resident, she still has "the New York look." :) )

    Well, if this's my baby Diana, on TV ~
    (Just wait for the 2 newscasters/presenters to finish their introduction.)



  • Hi Grace

    Link worked fine but only after I temporarily disabled the Javascript blocker on my PC (perhaps you've got something similar blocking the video,Roger?).

    Guess her name dropping that she's related to you was cut


    Ben !!

  • great story Grace and she seemed calm and composed on TV - i guess when you mom carries an axe nothing frightens you :lol:

    Purplemusic, the news story starts with the end of another piece then continues with the item on the kids - stick with it as it worked first go for me.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • She's beautiful, Grace :)

    And there's no such thing as too much makeup.


    (former resident of Brooklyn and current resident of New Jersey)

  • ok Grace,
    thanks to Wolfy's advice, i did get to see the clip. i'm sure that you're a proud mama.
    i thought that anytime that someone from the GHPG (or their imediate family) got onto the t.v., that we were suppose to give at least one "Glenn Hughes rocks" type plug. you may have to talk to her about that :) the one time that i was on t.v. here in charleston, i distinctly remember saying "Glenn Hughes rocks" but the judge didn't seem as inthused, and off to jail i went anyway. if she had been a real fan, she would have let me go home right then. when Glenn comes to play at my house, i'm defanently not inviting her.

  • As is her mother, so is her daughter. Beautiful.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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