Trapeze - Stage Backdrop FOR SALE!

  • Yes, its true!

    I have been given the task of selling the stage backdrop on behalf of Mel Galley's wife Annette - all the money will go to her.

    It's the logo from the Trapeze 76 album of course and was used on the "Hold On" tour (i have video of it hanging behind the band) and maybe earlier and later tours - i'm sure you'll tell me!

    It is BIG. I tried my best to measure it and it's at least 7.5 metres (26feet) wide and 5 metres(18foot) high. Difficult as i couldnt stretch it out fully. It has the strings attached at the top so that it can be hung properly if you happen to have a big enough wall or stage at your house :eek:

    Its a kind of canvas material and in extremely good condition. it has been in a bag since the 1994 shows finished. there are a few marks and one little hole but no mould or damp damage.

    the pics i took try to show its size and condition.

    one is from upstairs out of a bedroom window (thats my daughters Wendy House in the pic) so you can see the scale of it. the washing line is what you can see across it :lol:

    it will likely be going on Ebay next week and i will try to advertise it as much as possible online via Myspace.

    However, Annette has said that if a hardcore Trapeze fan, who i know will take good care of it and treasure it rather than just shove it in a cupboard or their garage, makes a good offer then she would prefer it to go to someone like that :)

    it weighs approx 5KG (11lbs) and fills a UK "black bin bag" so postage overseas aint gonna be cheap. Although maybe Glenn could fetch in September for you if it goes Stateside :D :lol: ;)

    so if you are seriously interested then PM me ASAP :thumbup:

  • Believe me guys, I'm salivating at the thought of having that in my possession :) I'm sure I'll make a bid or two.

    I'm hoping it sells for quite a large sum of money, more than I could afford to pay for it, to help out Annette. I also hope it goes to someone who will take care of it.



  • Wicked! Glad the right person bought it :cool:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  •'s taken 3 1/2 years, but the backdrop has arrived in Arizona :clapper: It was hand-delivered by Mrs. Wolfy Smith last Friday :bow:
    I've done a little research and already found a mystery. I found a sewn on tag in one corner of the backdrop with some information on it. Did you see that Paul, when you had it? It says it was made in Minneapolis, Minnesota - 18 feet high, 30 feet wide - made of blue scrim - has fireproofing. I'm wondering if Mel bought it in Minnesota and then had it painted in London as Paul said in an earlier post.

    The company still exists, so I'll be contacting them to see if they still have records going back that far.


  • I bet being dragged round the shopping malls felt like another 3 1/2 years Chip :eek: :lol:

    I never spotted that label, but then i only opened it fully once to take the photos - My original rough sizes i posted weren't that far out according to the label.

    When Glenn did the Trapeze night at the Robin it was too big to be hung up at the back of the stage!

    It's likely he bought it in the States as they played bigger venues than here in the UK.

    He definitely said it was painted by someone in London though.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • really good to see a true fan have this -u just know its gonna be well taken care of

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