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  • Hi all
    YEEEOWW!!!! Nine hours on and my ears are still ringing.
    Great early pics,David,from what was a memorable night.Many highlights and these offset some sound problems that,I felt,meant some songs were distorted in part.
    These guys have incredible energy(more than me this morning!)and is a credit to them after what must have been a challenging tour - lets hope that as a result the exposure will mean more airplay and other media opportunities.
    Did they play anything after "Burn" as we had to leave to get last train home?

  • Hi all
    To the best of my recollection the Setlist for the Mean Fiddler was the same as previously listed for Bradford:

    Hold On
    Can't Stop Rock & Roll
    Losing My Head
    Alone I Breathe
    I Surrender
    Street of Dreams
    Death Alley Driver
    Getting Tighter
    You Keep on Moving

    Devils Road
    Spotlight Kid

    A truly great night but I still cringe at the thought of "I Surrender".Surely JLT doesn't love the song that much - wasn't it Graham Bonnett's(?)debut with Rainbow?
    I thought JLT and Glenn harmonised really well and I was impressed with JLT's voice,the first time I have heard him live. They worked really well together on stage and actually looked like they get on well together (where did JLT keep disappearing to?).
    'Mistreated' was fantastic - I sometimes find it can drag on but JJ's guitar work kept it interesting. Glenn's 'soulful'section sent a shiver up the spine (in the same vein as "Still in Love with You" from the Burning Japan Live album.
    Tomas Broman's drumming was great but unfortunately I couldn't appreciate a lot of the 'subtleties' of Kjell's keyboard work as the sound did seem distorted from time to time(maybe I was just deafened after "Hold On"!!)
    Have a good holiday

  • Hi Ben
    I surrender was on the Difficult To Cure album
    which was JLT first with Rainbow. I think it reach No 4 in the Uk chart.

    All The Best
    Alan (Stargazer 100)

  • Hi Alan
    Oops! Thanks for putting me straight on the "I Surrender" issue - I was thinking of that other pop classic that Graham did sing on, "Since you've been gone".

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