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  • Well Saints Alive!! I didn't know one could twitter!!!!

    Just don't twitter us from the loo... :D :D

    :heart: :heart:

  • Just don't twitter us from the loo... :D :D

    :heart: :heart:

    :lol: LOL!!!! :lol:

    I had never heard of Twitter either. Looks fun. I was peaved that "TexasSusan" was already taken as an ID. The nerve of some people!!! LOL. I had to go with RealTexasSusan :cool: (for anyone else who signs up from here) :D

    Of course that site is blocked out at work :( They never let us have any fun :)

  • I'll have to give this a twirl :)

    Just checked it, and pleased to hear your OK after the earthquake. It's great to get these real-time reports :thumbup:

  • It's really very cool this TWITTER! When I heard about the earthquake I was a little worried, but now thanks to Glenn's message I know that everything is O.K. and I hope about everybody over there in L.A. and the area :thumbup: :) :)

  • Be sure and pickup your official Glenn Hughes Twitter t-shirt now available in the Store :)

    The best way to spread the word is one tweet at a time :p and to catch up with what Glenn is doing any day of the week, follow him and he'll follow you :cool: :D

    Available in multiple colors :thumbup:


  • Used some other social sites on the Net but not really got into Twitter .... guess I'll have a good excuse now!

  • I didn't want to use Twitter since I have already too much registrations everywhere but I registered there only to follow Glenn's tweets.

  • Hi Everyone.

    New here but have been a life long fan of Glenn. Have also been using twitter for a while now and am following Glenn of course.

    I encourage you all to "follow" him - he'll follow you back in line with twitter etiquette and you may even be lucky and get a reply to some tweets - I did and it absolutely made my day !!!!

    Go on - you know you want to !

  • Thanks and yes. It's well worth following Glenn.

    You get some wonderful insights into what he's doing.

    Can't really believe how much time he spends in airports ! He always seems to be going somehere or other.

    Totall absorbing and fascinating.


  • Great that Glenn gives us the fans a short of look in his dailly rockstar life.

    I have to say that glenn is really doing well, i'm a fan since the Face the truth' album and his carreer is going better then ever.

    I hope Glenn takes care of his health living a life without fat can be risky, being bodyboulder for almost 10yrs now (no anabolics) i know a lot of food, health, bmi and training.

    For a guy like glenn with not to many muscle its not good to such a low fat %, i hope he has a good trainer that brings his fat% down on a healthy way and that mean gain more muscle.

    I really admire glenn in everything he's doing and just concerning about his way of losing weight.

  • No entiendo todo :) :D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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