G-TARanaki Festival, New Zealand

  • Well I will say that Glenn's performance last night was nothing short of incredible. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. And while I missed the entirety of his Q&A session I did happen to catch the last couple minutes as he performed This Time Around. I had just arrived in New Plymouth and luckily the woman at the top of the stairs gladly snuck me down to catch him in action for the first time.

    Unfortunately he performed a short set just to make way for Joe Satriani. He played only 5 Deep Purple classics. All in all a stellar performance. So great to catch Glenn in action at long last. Photos to come soon...

    Gettin' Tighter/Dance to the Rock 'n' Roll
    You Keep On Moving


    Even Vernon Reid blew me away last night. Would've been cool to see him and Glenn get together for a jam actually.

  • Hi all,
    This is my friend Geoff's review of the show. I will post mine when i've got all the pictures/video together.


    Glenn Hughes Q&A / Unplugged Session -- Unbelievably we got to meet Glenn, ask him questions and got his autograph (I got 'Come Taste the Band' LP, Trapeze 'Medusa' CD and Hughes / Thrall CD all signed). A true gentleman and his acoustic renditions of "Coast to Coast" & "This Time Around" were so beautiful!

    Glenn Hughes was phenomenal! His voice is the BEST I have ever heard it, putting all six octaves to full use and of course his bass playing was wicked. Set list was "Stormbringer", "Mistreated" (long version), "Gettin' Tighter" (extended with funked up jam), "You Keep on Moving" (also extended with solo vocal section) and "Burn". Glenn went down a storm and played for about an hour. He hinted that he will return for a full gig early next year!

  • I had the extreme honour of performing with Glenn at this show and i had an amazing time, Glenn's performance was incredible! His voice has lost nothing with time, in fact if anything it's got better. He performed with one hell of a lot of soul and energy, and completely blew the roof off the place! Having the sound of Glenn's twin Ampeg rigs beside me, and his vocals pumping through my foldback wedge was a moment to behold, that's for sure, I savoured every second. My brother Nathan was on drums and sang Bv's on Stormbringer, Burn and Mistreated, their voices sounded fantastic together!

    New Zealand now has the Glenn Hughes hangover, and would love to see him back here next year if he gets as far as Australia :thumbup:

  • I had a bit of car trouble on the drive to Taranaki from my home in Auckland (about a 5 hour drive) and didn’t think that I would make the Meet and Greet. So I was very happy when I arrived with time to spare and a car in one piece. Met up with my friends from Napier Geoff and Steve and off we went to meet the great Glenn Hughes. I was nervous having missed the man twice already I was sure that I was jinxed not to see him, so my smile while watching Glenn tune up was ear to ear.

    Glenn played Coast to Coast and I kid you not I had chills it was so beautiful. He then answered some questions which I managed to get in 2, it helps to know the guy doing the introductions, thanks Paul. Then we got to hear This Time Around which took me back to being 16 and hearing it for the first time. Managed to get Play Me Out Signed and my photo taken with Glenn. Now I would have been happy just to see that but we had the show to come the next night.

    I met a young couple from a local band in the crowd before Glenn performed and they hadn’t heard of him and didn’t believe that he had a 6 octave voice. During Mistreated I saw both turn to each other and say wow, 2 new recruits on the spot.

    Glenn literally stormed the stage with Stormbringer then followed with an extra long version of Mistreated complete with vocal gymnastics, I was in heaven. Next up was a very funky Getting’ Tighter where Glenn showed everyone that he is just as good on the bass as he is a singer. The local band just played their asses off and Glenn was all smiles, loving every minute of it. You Keep On Moving with vocal interlude was next and after the crowd going nuts for a couple of minutes the encore of Burn.

    I was a bit shellshocked, my first Glenn Hughes show was over but I was very happy. My only complaint would be that I’d liked to have had some solo songs and at just over an hour I could have had at least another hour. Oh well just have to wait until next time, hope it’s not too long away.

  • Hey Woody,

    Those pictures are stunning and it is cool that you were able to make the show and get to meet Glenn. And you made a few new converts along the way!

    I know that it has been many years since Glenn has been in your corner of the world so this is doubly sweet.....

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and story!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • The setlist originally had 4 of Glenn's solo tunes in it + an extra Purple song, but the shortened itinerary didn't allow for it! a shame, but lets hope for a full lenght show next time.

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