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  • it just became available-mine is on its way :D those of you who like jeff kollman should like this dvd-there is a video preview on the cosmosquad site to check out

  • Talkin of Jeff Kollman, here are some photos from Sunday's UFO set at Rocklahoma

    Great pics..and glad that Jeff could pinch hit for Mister Way....I know that we were all hoping that Pete would be able to work out his immigration troubles.....still Rob DeLuca and Jeff have done yeoman work with the UFO crew.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Acclaimed Southern California progressive instrumentalists COSMOSQUAD, featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman, bassist Christopher Maloney and drummer Shane Gaalaas, will release their first-ever live DVD, "Lights... Camera... SQUAD!", on July 22nd, 2008.

    A joint venture between Marmaduke Records and Sunset Records, "Lights... Camera... Squad!" was recorded during the band's October 18th, 2007 performance at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. and features songs from the band's three studio albums, "Cosmosquad" (1997), "Squadrophenia" (2001) and "Acid Test" (2007), as well as Jeff Kollman's 1999 solo album "Shedding Skin".

    "Lights... Camera... SQUAD!" track listing:

    1. Numena
    2. Fat, Mean & Nasty
    3. The Spy Who Ate Her
    4. Lubitorium
    5. Road To Tanzania / Tribal Trance
    6. Sheer Drama
    7. While My Guitar Gently Screams
    8. Epapo Funk
    9. Grossalicious
    10. Swink
    11. I.N.S. Conspiracy

    DVD extras include a visit with longtime executive producer Buddy Jo Kollman, footage of Jeff Kollman's extensive guitar arsenal, as well as a photo gallery. In addition, the DVD packaging will contain a password to unlock exclusive web site-only online content, an interview conducted with the full band earlier in the year as well as behind-the-scenes footage of their inaugural 2008 tour of Japan.

    A three-minute DVD teaser can be viewed at this location.

    On the live front, COSMOSQUAD will embark on its Japan Tour 2008 Round II in September after playing half a dozen shows in Tokyo and Osaka in March 2008. Exact dates and venues are as follows:

    Sept. 23rd - ESP Musical Academy, Bldg 12 Club 1ne 2wo, Tokyo (doors: 19:00)
    Sept. 24th - Bottom Line, Nagoya (doors: 18:30)
    Sept. 25th - Live House enn, Sendai (doors: 19:00)

    "Lights... Camera... SQUAD!" was released in Japan on July 12th via Zain Records.

  • My copy arrived today - whoah, fantastic full sound and full stage rigs too :) Never seen or heard them sounding so good. Sure makes a change from a pokey pub, as fun as that is :D What I would of given to be in the crowd that night! Also liked the reworking of a couple of the tunes, well at least, I hadn't heard them played that way before. Definitely worth the price of admission, and the extras are fun too.

    Highly recommended, so get it if you can :cool:

  • :thumbup: :thumbup: playing mine right now -great picture great sound -every song played beautifully -i might end up wearing the dvd out!!!!!!

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