Two return of TWO Bad Companies

  • August 8th 2008 BAD COMPANY will perform one show in Florida with Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke.

    Incidentally Bad Company 2008, consisting of Mick Ralphs, Robert Hart, Jaz Lochrie Dave ' Bucket' Colwel and Harry James will play a string of concerts/festivals in the summer.

    Mick Ralphs

    Of course Paul Rodgers is lining up an album release with Queen. Rodgers has been reported saying that the FLA Bad Co gig is because of legal reasons.

    It might have something to do with enabling his pal Mick Ralphs to tour under the Bad Co 2008 monicker, which of course is 'a' Bad Company version, instead of this guy

    To prove Brian Howe WAS in 'a' Bad Company version I included some pix of that era, at some point only Simon Kirke was the remaining original member. Strangely enough he's absent from the Bad Co 2008 version.

    Bit strange because Paul Rodgers himself is in 'a' version of QUEEN.

    QUEEN has no bass player , so they might want to look for ex- Bad Co bassplayer Paul Cullen

    or even another bassplayer

    naaaah Glenn with Queen??? He could sure do justice to those harmonies.
    Would love to hear him belt out TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN , really

  • It all started innocently enough. Simon Kirke and Mick Ralphs get together in 1985 or so and decide to work on a new project. They hire a young unknown singer named Brian Howe and begin to record a new album. They use a session bassist; I believe it was Steve Price. Then fate in the form of Ahmet Ertegun whispers in Mick Ralphs' ear; "Call it Bad Company and you'll give yourselves a head start.."

    Uh oh..a fateful decision.....

    *phone rings*

    "Hey Boz?? Yeah, it's Mick...say..are you busy for the next six months?"

    And off they go, touring behind the "Fame And Fortune" album. The radio ready sound of the new material is streets away from the classic Bad Co. sound and not to Boz's liking; he splits but stays long enough to pull off the Great San Antonio Tortilla Caper. Steve Price plays bass on "Dangerous Age" another collection of short, snappy radio friendly numbers. I will own up to enjoying this CD; it provokes memories of moving to San Francisco in 1989.

    "Holy Water" is next and this is where things start to get silly. Mick Ralphs cuts the CD but decides not to go on the road.

    *phone rings*

    "Hey Geoff? It's Simon....Simon Kirke...Say, are you busy for the next six months?"

    Geoff Whitehorn plays guitar and I think this is where Paul Cullen enters the fray as road bassist. Come time for "Here Comes Trouble"and Mick plays on the CD, Felix Krish is the bassist du jour, Paul Cullen gets the red card and they hit the road again..I think this is where Rick Wills gets home to find a message on his answering machine. Dave "Bucket" Cowell is drafted in as second guitarist and the live CD "What You Hear Is What You Get" is the result.

    If you look at the writing credits on the CD's you can easily see that Brian Howe and producer Terry Thomas are providing the bulk of the material indicative of the power shift in the band.

    *phone rings*

    "Hello Brian?? Yeah, it's Mick. You're fired."

    Robert Hart is brought in as the new singer; the inevitable comparison to Paul Rodgers is made and "Company Of Strangers" is the result. Things get weirder yet with the release of "Stories Told And Untold", a combo platter of recut Bad Co. Rodgers era tunes and some less than classic new tunes. There is a bevy of guests on the record and I think Mick Ralphs phoned in all his can stick a fork in them because they are done!We flash forward to 1999......

    *phone rings*

    "Hello Paul? it's Mick... Mick Ralphs. Yeah, I know....I screwed up...You have every right to be pissed, mate...I should have never listened to Ahmet...Say, um...Simon and Boz and I were wondering if you are busy this summer....."

    Then in 2001, you have Paul and Simon out with Bucket and Jaz Lochrie as Bad Company....Are you still with me?

    I have a great idea for a TV show....we'll call it "So You Think You're Bad Company" ....we can get Paul Cullen and Geoff Whitehorn and pair them up with Robert Hart and Harry James..and Brian Howe will be screaming "It could have been me!!"while being held back by several burly stage hands......

    Perhaps not.

    OK, so I took some liberties with the phone calls but I think you get the idea. Guys...with Boz no longer with us, do this last show and put the bike in the shed. For good. Preserve the legacy that had a great run!

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming ;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Ah yes...Pirate Sound Studios....Tommy Bolin auditioned here and it was the home of the "Come Taste The Band" rehearsals.

    That picture makes me wish that there was a live Bad Company CD from back in the day....Too bad that the "Live in Albequerque 1976" CD got pulled off the market. You can get it but you will pay dearly for it!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I have a CD-r copy of that album and it is GREAT.

    Next week I'm relocating to the US. After I unpacked all my stuff I can send you a copy!

    The show was around the time of the RUN WITH THE PACK album, and it is a great rocking CD.

    Bet Brian Howe stopped that from being released huh, or was it Paul himself.

    I included some scans of the cover..hey i even photoshopped the Bad Co logo in it as I'm not too fond of the gothic lettering (Bad Company is not Rainbow you Angel Air record execs)

    Toooooo fonky!!!

  • Hello Ad,

    Well..I think the smart money would be on Paul Rodgers for reasons unknown. Mick Ralphs has a large number of Bad Company shows on tape in his personal archive and he was behind the release.

    I am sure it is a great show...the guys were still hungry and this was before the burnout set in....take a listen to "Burning Sky" and you can tell that the guys are getting tired...

    I mean, come on! "Knapsack"? ;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I still think that the one-off gig with Paul is his way of controlling the whole situation. He'll do one gig and one gig only.....I'll bet Ralphs has to give up his version of Bad Company as part of the agreement. I don't think Simon is involved because from what I've heard Paul HATES both Kirke AND Fraser these days. I'm a major Paul Rodgers fan but he is not a 'god' and he's just as fallible as the rest of us mortal souls :rolleyes:

  • Bet Brian Howe stopped that from being released huh, or was it Paul himself.

    I'm fairly certain it was Paul who halted the sales of this cd. I think it also added to Paul's 'falling out' with Ralphs. Rodgers and Ralphs have 'disliked' each other even before Paul decided to 'walk away' from the group......Ad, welcome to the US!!!

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