MEL GALLEY 1948-2008

  • As it says, thanks for making me feel welcome. I have ALWAYS been a huge "Trapeze / Glenn Hughes / Mel Galley fan". I had seen on the net when Mel passed but until this morn I hadn't been here to Glenn's site or the forum.

    I actually called a friend back in North Carolina this morning and we talked about our younger days riding around in the Sandhills of NC late at night trying to sing like Glenn listining to the song "Black Cloud". He was a guitarist and me a drummer but we both wanted to sing, especially like Glenn! My friend had and still has the same Gibson SG like Mel. He told me tonight he was going to fire it up and see if he can still play Black Cloud. He used to play it almost note for note!

    Thanks again for the welcome, I think I'll spend more time here now as I have started purchasing some of Glenns newer stuff. And I must say, that man still sings and plays with the heart and soul of a thousand people!

  • It's wonderful to read all these moving tributes to Mel. I have a few words about him in my new blog:

    In Remembrance Of Mel Galley


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)


    GOD BLESS YOU... :bow:

  • ... and incidentially I saw Jon Lord (Blues Project) live in concert tonight with Colin Hodgkinson on bass! Fantastic :bow:

    The sky is crying (it's pouring, really), but somewhere up there Mister Galley is smiling.



  • Twit from Glenn this morning for his friend :


    Please remember my hero Mel Galley, who passed away 4 years ago today... I miss & love you my brother... GH

    I miss him too... :(

  • Yes, five years ago now David.

    Played Live Way Back to the Bone in the car today - still stuns me with the power and performance.

    I was going to post some stuff on his Myspace page but they have "relaunched" the site by making it a hundred times worse and practically unusable and unreadable in my opinion. Even Glenn's Myspace page is a mess and that's looked after by a professional! The album pic for SITKOR is Green Day's 21 Guns Live EP

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I gave a couple of Trapeze albums a spin on the anniversary, Dead Armadillos and the first album. That first album is classic 60's British pop. Except for the track 'Wings'. I like to think that when they laid down that recording in the studio, Glenn and Mel looked at each other and said, "Hey, we gotta re-tool the band and go in this direction."

    One reason I went to the first album was that I was listening to a fairly new radio station coming out of a small town just north of where I live. I'm assuming this DJ is named Frank, since the show was called Frank's Magic Bus. Anyway he said he was going to play a couple of Trapeze tracks. He played 'Another Day' from the first album and 'Keepin' Time' from You Are The Music. I'm going to have to check up on him and try to get some more played.


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