MEL GALLEY 1948-2008

  • It is a very sad day. I just found out about Mel. I knew it was coming but still it is a shock. Thanks for all the great years of music and great guitar solo's. You will be greatly missed . Your in the arns of the highest power now. Your music from all the bands you were in will live on forever. Rest In Peace brother . I will miss you. Your Fan John R

  • A very sad time. Lets remember the good times during the 70's I saw Trapeze many times with and without Glenn. I was at Donnington for the Whitesnake triumph. I met him a few times over the years and he always took time to chat. Mels work will be remembered by all those with a knowledge of classic rock and has inspired any band that strive to fuse rock and funk (Trapeze were first!!!!).

    My band are playing at the Stumble Inn, Cannock tonight (Sat 5th July). The perfect place to dedicate the entire show to the memory of Mel. My sincere condolences go to his family (which must include Glenn)

    Dat's It!!

    BTW: Glenn. The Robin show was top class!!

  • We have lost one of the greatest musicians in the world. But we still have his music and his art!!! He will live forever in our hearts.
    I pray for Mel and I pray for you Glenn, to help you to find the strenght in this hard moment.

    Keep it funky Big Daddy, YOU ARE THE MUSIC! WE'RE JUST THE FANS!!

  • Mel we will all miss you and always love you for who you were and what you brought to us.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I would like to send my love, strength and blessings to Mel's family and friends. I am very honored that Mel's work is part and parcel of my music collection, and it seems that he earned his angel wings...albeit too early. We salute you, Mel.

  • It's very sad , I will miss you :( :( Rest in Peace, Mel.

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • Having been away since Mel passed I would just like to say this on the day of his funeral. Mel was a true gentleman and a very rare human being. In a business often known for its dishonesty and lack of integrity, Mel was a man who kept his feet firmly on the ground, his friends and later his family being his main priority. When the sun goes down, that's all that matters. Love is the thing.


  • The funeral was a moving and fitting goodbye to a GREAT man.

    Glenn gave a lovely, moving address and we all had a tear in our eyes along with him.

    Both "Your Love Is Alright" and "Makes You Wanna Cry" (what a great solo along to G's groovy bassline) were played in full in the church.

    My wife said later "We all know people who are nobodys who act like they are somebody. Mel was a Somebody who acted like they were nobody." It takes a very special person to be like that.

    Mel was and always will be a very special person to us and a great many others.

    Final song played at the service was "I'll See You In My Dreams" by Joe Brown.

    See You In My Dreams - YouTube[/ame]

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • These days I try not to get too sentimental - but I have really been moved by the local press coverage of Mel's passng and funeral today. Excuse the pun, but he obviously touched a lot of lives. I never saw Trapeze in the '70's (too young) but caught the reformation in the '90's and saw Mel in Whitesnake several times.

    A live version of "Jury" is blasting away in the background as I type. Powerful stuff.

    So I just wanted to say "Goodbye Mel".

  • I spent the better part of my high school years listening to "Trapeze" here in the southern US. While Trapeze wasn't a houshold name in the US back then, in North Carolina where I lived, everyone had the "You are the Music, we're just the band" 8 track in their cars. We could'nt get enough of Trapeze.

    My heart was saddened to hear of Mel's passing. In my mind he was a very underated guitarist.

    My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.

  • welcome to the site chowdog. it's good 2 c another fan from s.c. on here, although it seems you're an import from n.c. but we drop the north/south thing sometime to make us all feel just like carolina folks, right ? just ask the panthers, huh.

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