Mel Galley on Saint and Sinners?

  • I was always wondering about this. I've seen several sources state that Mel played on Saints and Sinners but other sources say it's Bernie Marsden. My copy doesn't list the musicians who played on the album so I was wondering if anyone could clarify this for me?

  • Mel joined after the album was written and the music recorded.

    He just did backing vocals - no guitar at all.

    People think he played on it because he was in the line-up that toured in support of it - Bernie had been fired.

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  • Whitesnake began the sessions for "Saints An' Sinners" with the line-up of Coverdale-Lord-Paice-Marsden-Moody-Murray. The sessions broke down when Mickey Moody quit and Coverdale put the band on hold until the problems could be sorted out. Paice and Murray went off to play with Gary Moore and Bernie Marsden was fired. David Coverdale then enlisted Cozy Powell and Colin Hodgkinson, Jon Lord and Mickey Moody returned and Mel Galley signed on to complete the new line up.

    The tapes for "Saints An' Sinners" were largely complete; Mel added some backing vocals and Mickey Moody added a proper solo for "Victim Of Love"; he had, by his own words, taken the piss out of the song on his first try, making car horn noises and such due to the frustration level within the band. They couldn't recut the album since they would, in Jon Lord's words, have been sued from here to Christmas if they did.

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