• Hi Everyone,

    I had an amazin' time on Part One of the European Tour....this has been the most rewarding one on many levels....the comaradarie between myself and my band and crew was second to none....lifelong memories people!

    I want to thank all my fans who came out and raised the roof everynight......and again, welcome to the new, younger fans....you make the difference.

    I have been @ my LA home for a week, now I head back to London this evening for a series of shows in Norway/Germany....then I'm off to New Zealand.

    Wherever you are reading this in the world, I wish you love, and that your life is full of amazing experiences, and euphoric nirvana.

    Pass the peaches...



  • Sounds great. Your attitude sounds great and the band does, too, from what I saw on the video clip of "We Shall Be Free." I am especially happy to hear the fullness of the songs due to the two guitars...very very cool sounding.

    I could have sworn I heard you mention.....TEXAS. I may have been dreaming :)

    Take care of that voice! :thumbup:


  • Thanks so much to you,Glenn,for providing us with such a great night at the Astoria last week - phenomenal performance from you & the boys!! :claphands

    Good luck with the rest of the tour!!

    Ben & Jayne


    Ben !!

  • gooood luck glenn with the rest of the tour

    and good luck with allllllll of your career :cool:

    keep the freaking flag flyin :)


    From now on....

    :guitarmet \m/

  • Hey Glenn,

    Isn't that right next to Australia? Yes, indeed it is. There also appears to be a few days in the tour schedule spare just after the NZ show. Shame to come all this way and not fit in a little gig or two in Australia don't you think? Do you have Drew Thomson brewing something up? Plenty of GH fans here and we'd all love to see Glenn Hughes with the full band.

    Even if it doesn't work out, I wish you every continued success with all you are doing.


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