Whitesnake/Def Leppard - Glasgow ticket wanted

  • John

    Look forward to the review, but based on seeing both bands in the last 5 years the Def ones will blow them away!!!!!!!

    Have a great night! :thumbup:

  • :bow: You were correct Chris.

    For me it was the first time seeing Def Leppard, 10th time for Whitesnake.

    I only managed to last 3 songs into Black Stone Cherry's set before heading for the bar. They're quite good in a de-tuned kind of way but the sound in the hall was awful. I had to go for the sake of my ears! Given a better mix on subsequent dates on the tour, they should do quite well.

    The sound was better for the start of Whitesnake's set, improving gradually as the set progressed. The highpoints for me were DC's banter and the slower songs (Ain't Gonna Cry No More Today was excellent). DC's voice sounded great on Ain't Gonna Cry, Ain't No Love and Is This Love. The vocals for the rest of the set ranged from good to less than impressive, sorry to say. His showmanship is second to none, however, and the band went down well.

    Def Leppard were simply brilliant. The set-list was made for arena package tours, there were no drum / guitar solos (an un-necessary luxury when you're on a tour like this) and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

    So for me (a Whitesnake fan), Def Leppard definitely won the day. Even if you took away Leppard's impressive stage set and lighting, they were killer.

    In hindsight (even though I'm a big fan of the new album), Whitesnake played too many new songs. OK, Leppard played three from their new album too, but let's face it they sound like their old stuff anyway I think they should drop the drum/guitar solos and two GTBB numbers (Can You Hear The Wind Blow and A Fool In Love), put Ready An' Willing, Don't Break My Heart Again and Lovehunter back in and then they would be more competition for the Leps.

    All of the above IMO of course

    Set lists (with links to some clips that I took) :-

    Best Years
    Fool For Your Loving
    Can You Hear The Wind Blow
    Love Ain't No Stranger (dedicated to Mel Galley - a nice touch)
    Lay Down Your Love
    Is This Love
    Snake Dance (guitar solos)
    A Fool In Love
    Drum solo
    Ain't Gonna Cry No More (acoustic) [featuring David's 'Nipple Puppet Show' :)]
    Ain't No Love In The Heart of The City
    Give Me All Your Love
    Here I Go Again
    Still of The Night

    Def Leppard
    C'Mon C'Mon
    Make Love Like A Man
    Armageddon It
    When Love and Hate Collide
    Nine Lives
    Bass Solo/Rock On
    Two Steps Behind
    Bringing On The Heartbreak
    Pour Some Sugar On Me
    Rock Of Ages
    Bad Actress
    Lets Get Rocked

    More clips to come...

  • Thank you for your report & vids John :thumbup:
    I'm a DC & Whitesnake addict too and I must admit that from what I heard and saw (you confirm it in yours vids) from this tour, DC seems to be in trouble with his voice :(

  • Thanks for the clips. They've validated my decision not to go the show in Birmingham last night. Much as I like the records, I don't want to hear him singing like that live.

  • i went to the NEC in Brum last night and completely agree with your review.

    DC's vocals were down in the mix and the backing singers in his band sounded better and louder. but on the softer stuff he sounded better.

    The Leppard boys had a great stage show with the videos playing etc.

    i shot 25 minutes of each band but not watched it back yet.

    the NEC was full and the crowd enjoyed both bands. i'd say an even mix for each band but maybe more snakes than leppards.

    and i thought about the fact we suggested to glenn at least a year ago on here about throwing an acoustic song into the middle of the set. both did and they were really popular and got the crowds singing along (and all the video cameras out)

  • Glad John and Wolfy enjoyed the shows - leppard are a class act - I have seen em too many times to remember and each show has been good.

    It is a shame DC's voice has gone whilst Glenn's remains sooooo good.

    Been listening to Stormbringer recently and DC;'s voice is so deep and a great tone! Ah well, thats what you get when DC tries to metamorphisize (?) into Robert Plant!!!!

    Just a pity I had to work - a 3and :thumbup: 1/2 hour Committee meeting - aarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Attended Manchester MEN last night and have to say there were many more Snakes than Leps (and a few GH retro tour T-Shirts among the packed crowd)

    I thought DC gave a wholehearted performance with a refreshingly different set list to previous years (2 acoustic songs; 'Deeper the Love' and 'Ain't Gonna Cry No More' and 4 from the new album).

    Again he mentioned Mel prior to 'Love Ain't No Stranger'.

    I agree his voice becomes a screech on some of the faster numbers but in lower register he can still do it, and, in comparison to Joe Elliott, DC is 'Mr Charisma'.

    Mikey 'the bass it don't lie' D

  • I went to the Manchester concert and much as i dislike the new album was willing to give an old hero of mine another chance. As has been said in previous posts David has still got the charisma and personality to light up a soulless arena such as Manchester, and on the slower tracks he could still cut it.

    However, i wish he would put the days of Hair Metal behind him as his voice obviously cannot cope any more with the screaming and having to have his voice supported by the backing band is very sad.

    David try listening to the song "breakdown" that was on your Northwinds album about your final days in Deep Purple and then ring up some old friends Mickey Moody, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray and go back to your blues roots.

    You surely dont need the money any more but would be able to perform material your voice can still deliver with musicians who have a love and feel for your material

  • I have to confirm that everything was said before happened also in Bucharest on Tuesday.

    Def Leppard stole the show. Although the bass sound was way too loud in some places (and I read on the DL forum that this happened also in other countries before) the show was more consistent and the overall performance better than Whitesnake.

    the playlist was more or less the same as before (3-4 new songs and the rest "all time David Coverdale hits". David's voice is in worse shape than ever before - good thing that the public knew most of the lyrics and sung their lungs out :)

    I was also very put off by the poor performance of Doug and especially in "Still of the night" when they simply didn't follow the voice as the original does.... it sounded like another piece of material.

    The second disappointement of the evening was David singing "Burn" and "Stormbringer".... and knowing how Glenn sings them....:eek: .....no other comments are necessary.

    All I can say is that the cheering was for David Coverdale the show man and the person he is. and the great singer he used to be.

    I missed Glenn so much! :cool:

  • I absolutely agree with you, Rocksy! I went to the Sofia show. Unfortunately due to the heavy rain I didn't stay for the Def Leppard's show, so I can't compare the bands. But the first thing I said to my husband was that Glenn sang Burn and Stormbringer far better!!!! Nobody compares with Glenn!!!

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    And, yes, David was charming and handsome!!!But I'm afraid that Whitesnake relies on the past too much!!!

  • Andrew I'm in agreement with you. I am not a Def Leppard admirer and never will be so I couldn't justify nearly £40 to see DC confirm that 1987 is well and truly over.

    My friend went to see it last night in Liverpool and said that Whitesnake were "shocking." I really do not want to put myself through a situation where a David Coverdale impersonator (who would be nothing without the legacy of David Coverdale) reigned superior. No thanks.

  • Reading these sad comments I looked at some footage of the South American leg and it didn't seem that bad. And word of a DC impersonator...of all the bands that have tributes in LA, we have no Whitesnake or DC tribute bands...cause I would be first in line to see one. Geez, all these out of work 80s metal singers around town and you think there would be a tribute band like that.


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