Pat Thrall full discography?

  • Anyone have a list of everything Pat Thrall plays on including guest appearances on only a few songs? I know some of the other bands he's been with but I'm interested to see a complete list of recordings.

  • Well not as much stuff as I hoped mostly guest appearances and such. I only have the Meat Loaf albums and Hughes/Thrall and I ordered Feel a few weeks ago. I suppose the Automatic Man and Cookin Mama stuff is hard to get? How is his guitar work on those albums and what is the music like?

  • Try and use 'search' COOKIN' MAMA and you'll find some clips.

    The thing with Thrall is that he started out as a hippy dude, going fusion and then Rock with Travers and Asia & Meatloaf to become a producer...he has really gone along with the pro-tools thing relocating from the East coast to the West coast as his wife, Zoey, is manager of some kind of studio...In the meantime he has been sitting on the Hughes-Thrall II effort for many , many years now...probably producing that milli-second of an eighties synth sound that was not completely to his liking......

    I do have a great bootleg of him somewhere with Michael Shrieve, Jonas Hellborg and himself doing a gig in Sweden showing what a great guitarplayer he really is.

  • More on Automatic Man HERE (Search is your friend ;) )

    Pat was also (briefly) a member of Asia (1989-90), played in Pat Travers' band (look here for example) and alongside Al DiMeola and Steve Winwood on Stomu Yamashta's excellent Go album (1976).

    And here's his AMG entry.

    Don't forget, you will find a lot of information when you search the site, especially the Hughes/Thrall section.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the Cookin' Mama info. I thought I had found an interview with Pat somewhere on the web regarding the band, but now can't find it. Or I might just be confusing things in my ever increasingly graying head.

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