London Astoria, June 10th 2008

  • Fantastic experience last night in London with the very special bonus of Chad joining the band for the last few tunes, "Don't Let Me Bleed", "Love Communion", "Steppin' On", "Soul Mover" and "Burn" :thumbup: The setlist was as before, same as the earlier two UK gigs a couple of days ago.

    Once again lots of younger new faces in the crowd, with almost all singing along word for word to the new F U N K songs :cool: It was great to see. Lots of booty shakin' too, even me and Shirean were spotted doing it during "Love Communion" :eek:

    Great to see friends and family, hopefully not too long before the next time. Here are a couple of pix and a clip, with lots more to follow upon returning home :cool:



    Hughes "Crave" LIVE in London 2008 - YouTube[/ame]

  • Thanks David for the pics. I had a truly fantastic time - so did my boyfriend and his brother - they said definitely one of the best gigs ever :bow: (and we go to a lot! ).

    I saw you and Shirean upstairs but missed the "booty shakin'" :lol: :lol: :D :D ! Didn't recognise anyone else although I thought I saw Gabi up there too??? We saw Chad near the bar - walked right past us :bow: Had to shoot off so sadly missed the meet and greet :(

    Got myself a rather nice t-shirt so pleased about that! :)

    All in all a rather fantastic evening!!

  • Just got back from London & have had a good laugh looking at my feeble attempts to take decent focussed pictures of last night's fantastic show at the Astoria - at least there was no problem from the venue with taking the shots (they could obviously tell I wasn't going to make a commercial 'killing'!) :eek:

    Otherwise,what can I say that hasn't already been said on the previous reviews of this tour?

    The new songs are going down a storm & the twin guitarists work really well - in fact sounding very Thin Lizzy-esque at one point;can't remember which song though :claphands

    Glenn's tribute to Mel Galley was very touching,poignant,received & responded to by the crowd - extremely worthy of a standing ovation.I hope Mel heard his name being chanted back in Cannock.

    Yeah,there were the 'Purple' regulars of Mistreated & Burn but they're always done slightly differently,Mistreated particularly!

    Classic & breathtaking!

    Steppin On & Soul Mover were arranged differently as well - magic!

    What a treat it was to at last see Chad perform - what a presence! How many sticks does he get through! :lol:

    Anyway,here's a few grainy pictures:

  • Thank you all for your pics, vids and reports :thumbup:
    Looks like everyone had a fantastic time.
    David & Shirean, any booty shakin' vid available ??? :D
    Have fun in the UK .


  • Lovely meeting you both again last night David and Shirean. Wow, what a set, I thought the current line-up of Glenns band is the best that I've seen, I LOVE the twin guitars and the new FUNK songs sounded just great, I only picked up a copy of the new album at the merchandise desk before the show so it's quite something when you hear Glenn tunes that you've not yet heard but love them as much as the old ones.

    I had a couple of friends with me last night that had never seen Big Daddy before and they couldn't say enough good things about him after the show.

    This was without a doubt one of the best shows I've seen the great man do, thanks for the snaps everbody and the film clip, top stuff.

    :clapper: Come back soon Glenn.

  • What a fantastic night. I forgot I was working and was transfixed at the side of the stage even though I'd had the privilege of seeing the set half a dozen times before. That band were on fire last night. Chad flying in created a buzz but you know this guy he's picked for Glenn, Matt Goom is there for a reason.
    Yeah I saw you and Shirean hangin' loose there :clapper: Look forward to seeing that footage.

    What I have noticed from this tour is that yes it's about Glenn's music. That's always No.1. Yet it's about hiring musicians who understand the vibe. This band does. They see where Glenn's coming from. I brought down three guys from my Liverpool mafia to help out and they thoroughly enjoyed the gig and the experience of working with this whole professional set up.

    I also need to mention Tour Manager, Tonio's's gotta be on the next album :lol: Great working with you guys. What a brilliant experience!

  • I also need to mention Tour Manager, Tonio's's gotta be on the next album :lol: Great working with you guys. What a brilliant experience!

    Tonio rocks! I'm a huge fan - have worked with him for many a year and he is a solid rock with a heart of gold. Top man.

  • Just want to say happy for Glenn and everyone else but still insanely jealous!!!!!

    Hope we will be treated to a great show in the near future....
    I'm needing a fix real bad... :p


  • Hi, just wanted to say that I had such a great time on Tuesday, my first time seeing Glenn live, and I loved it! I will definitely be going again, as soon as I get the chance! It was great to hear so much of FUNK, especially the title track, which is one of my favourites! I can hardly believe that I finally got to see a live show, my ears are still ringing!

    Helena, xx

    P.S. Hello to Mark, who I met in the queue!

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

  • What a gig, I have to say the best GH show I have been to the new songs are just great live and as for Mr Smith, well, mighty impressed, what a character, some how it all moved up a notch when he bashed them drums.

    The whole band was fantastic and Luis is such a welcome addition n really funky. Meet Christmas Fariy in the que and I hope you and your friend where not dissapionted!!!

    I hope the crowd reaction to the new songs gives Glenn the confidence that there is an audiance that loves this funk/ rock style. You could see he really enjoys playing this music.

    Stay Funky

  • Thanks you for all your report ...

    Hope we could see one time Papa playing with Chad :bow:

    Hope we coulg go to the fest at the end of July, if not Rendz vous at the Robin 2 in September or somewhere in spain.

    Another time, Nathalie & I would like to thanks very much Glenn, Luis, JJ, Matt & Anders for all the good time we spend. & we would like to send a huge thanks to Carl.

    Thanks :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Glenn could record a dvd of this tour... from these gigs. Jusk like that "We shall be free". Songs from different dates!


  • I recognise those pictures... ;) :thumbup:

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