Hello Everyone, and Astoria Review

  • I thought it was about time (maybe) that I stood up and said Hi, as I've looked in fairly regularly for a while....

    ......having been a fan since Trentham Gardens in '74, and followed on with Leicester '76, Southend '94, Cambridge '03, Northampton '05(or was it '06?) and last night at The Astoria.

    Where a spiffingly wonnerful time was had by all, with special thanks to Matt for offering Chad his 'throne'.
    Glenn and the band, without exception, were on fire, and the tribute to Mel Galley was particularly moving. Even my good lady admitted that Glenn's music is growing on her (her 3rd Glenn gig). I always knew she had good taste.

    I can be found here:
    or here:

    and I'm always about somewhere or other.
    Have a good day ya'll,
    and Glenn - thanks Mate, see you next time round


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